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  Protection & Surveillance

Bertin will present its optronic instrumentation offer at SOFINS 2017, March 28-30


Bertin Technologies will attend the SOFINS Seminar (Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar), stand A30. This seminar brings together special forces and French and international industrialists.

In 2015 more than 40 foreign official delegations discovered the innovations of the exhibition at Camp de Souge near Bordeaux in France.

This year Bertin Technologies will present its optronics devices for the military market dedicated to the protection and surveillance of high-risk hotspots. The FusionSight®, a digital Night Vision Device, combines the best of Low Light and thermal images for target detection.




Bertin IT has launched Version 8 of AMI Enterprise Intelligence

Bertin IT, Bertin has launched Version 8 of AMI Enterprise Intelligence

Bertin IT has launched Version 8 of AMI Enterprise Intelligence.This new version of the strategic intelligence platform offers strengthened ergonomics, new functions and new applications, putting users at the center of an enriched, collaborative intelligence experience.

Intelligence analysts, referees and intelligence users can now discover those functions inspired by Web 2.0.

Its TopicShare™ portal enables you to gather, organize and share information with a single click. Usable on all types of device (PC/smartphone/tablet), the TopicShare™ portal gives all your collaborators quick and easy access to every topic identified in your business, grouped under clickable topic headers. More than just a software, AMI EI 8 is a platform for interaction between everyone involved in the intelligence process. It’s a company project for shared intelligence.





Bertin presents its latest Defence and Security offer at IDEX 2017, February 19-23

Bertin Defense and Security productsIDEX is a major international Defense and Security exhibition hosted in Abu Dhabi every 2 years. It is connected with NAVDEX exhibition dedicated to naval products. We will attend the show with CNIM our mother company. Join us at Stand B40, Hall 7.

Bertin designs and manufactures robust and innovative solutions and equipment for force protection:

- optronic land solutions particularly adapted to harsh or dark environments, including our new night vision device FusionSight

- a wide range of solutions to fight CBRN threat including Saphymo trademark

Discover our instrumentation offer on Bertin Instruments website

FEBRUARY 14, 2017 // Our offer on IDEX website


 Marine Energy

Meet us at Euromaritime 2017 Exhibition for a debate on marine energy economic stakes

On the occasion of the European Hydroelectric Energy Day, Germain Gouranton, who recently joined the Expertise and Innovative Processes Department as a Vice-President, will take part in a round table at Euromaritime Exhibition 2017, on the economic stakes of energy marines.

"Maritime, fluvial and estuary: a multifaceted energy with major economic stakes". What are the economic issues? What are the financial implications? What are the market solutions?

Rendez-vous at  Paris, Porte de Versailles Parc des Expositions, on Wednesday 1st February from 1 pm to 2:30 pm to follow this debate.
A graduate of Arts & Métiers, who holds a master's degree in economics from the Paris Institute of Economics (Sciences-Po) and a master's degree in finance and innovation from the Paris Dauphine University, Germain Gouranton has done all Career in the Energy and the Environment. He held several operational positions at Suez, France and Germany for 10 years. During the following years, he developed various activities related to decentralized energies. He was Vice-President of the Union of Solar Professionals from 2010 to 2014.

Meet us on the booth of our mother company CNIM: stand A39, from January 1st to February 2. 2017. Discover Windkeeper, an innovative boat for offshore wind turbines on which Bertin Ergonomy department has brought its expertise in ergonomy and human factor. 

More information on the conference

January 31, 2017 // read again information on urabaila river and estuarine turbine


 GAZ Detection

CUBIX: a joint laboratory to develop innovative remote gas detection solutions with Onera.

  Partners Oneara BertinGaz detection
Developing a new generation of multispectral remote gas detector cameras: this is the aim of the research and innovation partnership agreement signed between Bertin Technologies and ONERA, the French aerospace lab. The CUBIX joint laboratory team will have three years to design and develop operational solutions with a low false-alarm rate, more compact and faster than existing solutions. This project will generate new opportunities in the Defense industry. 

December 7, 2016 // Download press release


 energy transition

Bertin and CNIM to present their new solutions for energy transition at Pollutec 2016 show

Energy transition
CNIM will present a full range of solutions for Development, turnkey Construction , operations, Maintaining and Services on his booth. The offer targets energy efficiency, operational cost optimisation, risks management and reduction of the industries environmental impact.

Among all the offers, Bertin Technologies will unveil two world first innovations:

The easy-to-use Radiation Portal Monitor SaphyGATE G, dedicated to industrial risks.

Application fields: scrap & waste in scrap yards, steel mills, landfills, incinerators, hospitals, etc; goods, cargo, container and baggage at borders, harbors and airports; entry and exit in nuclear power plants, research centers, etc.
More info about Saphygate G

The Energy Management Sytem EMS, a smart piloting tool for complex systems dedicated to energy production.

Based on economic, environmental and use criteria, it optimizes the production of wind and solar power plants in real time, including storage.
Application fields: Administration - Local authorities, Building and construction, Industries, Tertiary sector, Transport and automobile.
More info about the EMS in Pollutec website

 November 25, 2017



Bertin Instruments launches the latest AlphaGuard radon measurement solution

Bertin Instruments is pleased to present the latest version of its AlphaGuard radon measurement solution (developed with Saphymo’s expertise). A portable equipment re-designed for instantaneous or continuous measurement of radon gas activity (Rn-222/Rn-220 and progenies). AlphaGUARD is used as a reference by many scientists and service providers worldwide for programs on radon measurement in the environment, mines, laboratories as well as for investigations in buildings. It can also be used for permanent surveillance of radon levels in industrial plants or exhaust air ducts. This new product offers improved ergonomics, high responsiveness and an embedded digital display which makes it easier to use on the field.

 September 28, 2016 // MOre info on the press release


 Life Sciences

InCellis: the new age of cell imaging by Bertin Instruments

Bertin Instruments is launching InCellis, a new cell imager developed to provide high quality images and facilitate the scientists’ day to day manipulation. The image quality in brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence are generated by the latest state of the art technology of CMOS low light sensor, also used in military applications for targeting and surveillance.

As with all of Bertin’s products, both the ergonomic and user experience have been taken into great consideration by the development team.



 September 28, 2016 // MOre info on the press release



The managing director of Bertin Pharma integrates the Pharmacy National Academy as National Correspondant

Xavier Morge, translational medicine and biomarkers specialist, will now participate in the work of the Physical and Chemical Sciences Section, which he will bring his knowledge and expertise in the field of technology transfer.




 September 28, 2016



Bertin announces the launch of Bertin Instruments, the new brand of CNIM group dedicated to innovative measurement and sampling solutions, and of its website

The aim of this new website is to provide its customers and partners an easier way to discover its high-end equipment portfolio, dedicated to key industries: Defense & Security, Nuclear, Life Sciences, Safety and Environment / Recycling.
Bertin Instruments benefits from 60 years of expertise in instrumentation and a team of 300 engineers and experts, with an offer of 40 innovative instruments and systems, and more than 60,000 units worldwide. Bertin Instruments is present in 5 countries in 3 continents.Designed for customers and partners, the new website ergonomically presents quality content on all the instrumentation product range.

Contact Bertin Instruments:

  july 06, 2016 - More info on bertin instruments website



How to gain performance and reliability thanks to model reduction: MECASIF project featured at Forum TERATEC 2016 on June 28th and 29th at Ecole Polytechnique

The complexity and the reliability requirement of systems continously grow. This trend leads to integrate into design processes modellings that are more and more expensive, either in computation time or in computation capacity. In order to optimize performance and responsiveness during design cycle, Bertin embarked with partners in a project of reduction of complex phenomena models: MECASIF.

For Fairwind firm, it was to achieve a multiscale turbulent aerodynamics modelling of the wake downwards each windturbine for optimising its interactions with neighbouring turbines, and thus produce a maximum power. Thanks to MECASIF’s progress, simulation time has been divided by 10 to 100.000.

Bertin’s goal is to expand the use of avanced methodologies (optimisation, probabilistic assessment) to any system no matter its complexity. These methodologies are for demanding applications, in terms of number of simulations (optimisation, probabilistic studies) or of response time (virtualization of test benches, training simulators).
These developements will be featured at Forum TERATEC, the international meeting for Simulation and High Performance Computing, on tuesday 28th and wednesday 29th of June 2016 at Ecole Polytechnique (France), on Systematic/Scilab stand.


  june 21, 2016 - More info about modelling team // More info about Forum Teratec


  New technology

FusionSight®, world-first digital Night Vision Device providing smart fusion for threat and target accurate detection

Bertin launches FusionSight®, a Night Vision Device developed in partnership with PHOTONIS, FusionSight® is the world- first compact monocular that combines a colour low light sensor with a thermal image sensor. When combined, these sensors enhance situational awareness and provide users with the option of using a thermal image, colour optical image or a fused thermal and full colour image, that can also be recorded.

Watch FusionSight®'s video


  june 9, 2016 - download press release - visit bertin instruments new website


  defense and security

CNIM and Bertin Technologies present their Defence and Security offer at Eurosatory 2016

The next edition of the International Land & Air Defense & Security Exhibition will take place in Paris-Nord Villepinte from the 13th till the 17th of June 2016. Leaders in conception and supply of innovative equipment for the Defense and Security, CNIM and its subsidiary Bertin Technologies will attend this important event, showcasing their Projection and Protection Offer on the booth located in Hall 5a - number B-278.

Facing new international challenges, CNIM has adapted its crossing solutions. Bertin goes on innovating in the optronics area. The company is now able to deliver a wide range of solutions to fight NRBC threat, after having integrated Saphymo French leader. The fast developing new subsidiary Bertin IT complements this offer with high level cyber intelligence and defense solutions.


  may 25 2016 download press kit



Bertin Technologies will present its river and estuarine renewable energy offer at the Seanergy exhibition on June 1-2, in Biarritz

Major player in technology development on industrial subjects with high scientific content, Bertin Technologies will present its range of services offer (AMO, Permitting, counseling) and its new product, the hydrokinetic turbine Urabaila®.
Urabaila ® produces electricity using the power of rivers or tidal estuary. Its use is possible both on an isolated site and connected to the grid. It requires only minimal maintenance and its environmental impact is low. At this occasion, a turbine will be exhibited on the booth.


  may 25 2016 - download press release



Cnim and Bertin Technologies attending WNE exhibition on June 28-30, in Paris Le Bourget

Major actors in the international market of nuclear industry, CNIM and Bertin Technologies are designing and integrating systems and equipment with high added value. Cnim and Bertin have also gained over the years extensive knowledge in supplying complex systems for Large Scientific Instruments like ITER. To meet the needs of monitoring and environmental safety requirements, Bertin Technologies provides ionizing radiation detection instruments. Its ERMS (Environmental Radiation Monitoring Systems) product line made by Saphymo is installed in more than 300 locations in 40 countries. The offer also includes Saphymo access control instruments and radiation protection for pedestrians and vehicles, equipment, radiation protection and maintenance services.

Don’t miss our workshop about development and design of the Hualong-1 IRWST Filtering System:  a concept addressing the highest technical & environmental requirements, on Tuesday 28, june at 2.30 PM Workshop2.

  may 25 2016 / MORE INFORMATION


 pharma & biotechs

Xavier Morge, Bertin Pharma’s Managing Director, was elected President of AFSSI

At the end of the General Assembly of AFSSI (French Association of Services and Innovation Companies), Xavier Morge, Bertin Pharma’s Managing Director, was elected as its President for a term of 3 years.

For the time slot of 2016-2019, AFSSI’s main goals will focus on strengthening relations with the principals, the issue of public platforms and on relations with the public and paragouvernmental organisations. The AFSSI will also set-up 12 regional representatives to ease and develop links with members in the areas. Time has also come to foster relationships with regional clusters. The next AFSSI’s Summer annual meeting is scheduled in Marseille, in partnership with the pole Eurobiomed.

This association was born from the will of federating the French society of service and technological innovation into the Life Science area. It led to the emergence of a sector, its acknowledgement and the build of an international authority. Created in 2012 with 29 members, it counts today around 130.

  May 19, 2016 // download the french press release


  INformation Technology

CNIM Group announces the creation of Bertin IT, Cybersecurity & Digital Intelligence software publisher

Bertin IT brings together the activities in information system security and content processing, along with those of its current subsidiaries Vecsys (automatic speech processing) and AMI Software (strategic intelligence software).

Thus, CNIM is consolidating its offering to customers in the private and public sectors and also intends to break into new markets both in France and abroad.

  april 11 2016 // more information on the press release // more information on the website



Bertin Technologies will present IONOPAC on April 4, 2016 during the technical day "ionic liquids and materials" organized by AXELERA

Pierre-Gilles POINT, Energy Efficiency referent at Bertin Technologies, will present this ADEME TOTAL development programme : an absorption heat pump with ionic liquids.

Absorption machines are commonly used for for chilling by recovering waste heat. The project aims to extend the operation domain and qualify the process performances by addressing a wide temperature range. 


MARCH 30 2016



CNIM enhances its contribution to the ITER project with three new contracts. Bertin Technologies will participate in the reactor vacuum chamber visual inspection system project

The aim of the ITER project, Cadarache (Bouches-du-Rhône), is to demonstrate that fusion power is a large-scale, limitless, safe and environmentally friendly source of energy.
CNIM Group has announced the signing a contract with ITER Organization and two contracts with Fusion For Energy (F4E), the EU organisation managing Europe’s contribution to ITER.The contracts relate to the conception, supply and on-side manufacturing of complex systems.

The In Vessel Viewing System (IVVS) contract encompasses everything from the design to the installation of six remotely controlled visual inspection and measurement systems capable of operating in the extremely harsh environment of the vacuum chamber. Both Bertin Technologies and CNIM will give a hand in designing this equipment, with the former’s optical, mechanical and electronic experts being responsible for the optical probe component, and the latter’s teams taking charge of the deployment system.

MARCH 30 2016 // More Information on the press release // MOre information on the F4E website



  information technology

Bertin IT unveils its integrated solution for the management of chats of different levels of confidentiality

On the occasion of COMINFOR symposium held on 8 and 9 March on the naval base of Toulon, Bertin IT will present a software solution for the exchange from a single work station of different levels of confidentiality through instant messaging.

This alternative to the airgap enables to improve operational efficiency with the guaranty of integrity and confidentiality, and to streamline the number of computer stations on Navy ships, which are increasingly connected….

MARCH 3 2016 // More Information



 Defense and Security

CNIM and Bertin Technologies present their nuclear offer at the NIC Beijing meeting, under the banner "Nuclear expertise from France" from 6 to 9 April 2016

With the acquisition in January 2015 of Saphymo, French specialist detection and measurement of ionizing radiation, CNIM and its subsidiary, Bertin Technologies complete their offer in the nuclear field. Attending the fair NIC Beijing is part of a dynamic international expansion along with global energy giants.

The group will present its integrated nuclear offer : engineering and fabrication of nuclear components and systems, repair & replacement services, nuclear instrumentation, consulting in human factor and ergonomy.
Bertin Technologies will be present at the World Nuclear Exhibition of 28 to 30 June 2016 along with CNIM, its Chinese subsidiary CTE and Technoplus Industries.

 MARCH 3 2016



 Defense and Security

Petrofac awarded contract to Bertin Technologies for their innovative gas leak tracking system for Saudi Aramco’s Jazan refinery


Petrofac, a leading service provider to the international Oil & Gas industry, awarded a contract to Bertin Technologies to supply, install and commission a pioneering gas leak tracking system, Second Sight®, at the Saudi Aramco owned Jazan refinery . This system opens up a new era in gas detection methods for Oil & Gas industry.

 February 08 2016 // More information



 information technology

FIC 2016: Bertin IT announces the market launch of WhiteN®, its solution for neutralizing USB threats

On the occasion of the 8th edition of the International Cybersecrity Forum, Bertin IT (Groupe CNIM) is officially launching its proprietary solution for the neutralization of threats posed by USB peripheral devices. Totally unique, WhiteN® combines an unequalled level of protection and is highly flexible in terms of usage and parameteringThe different lines of defence offered by WhiteN®, including device filtering, file format verification, harmlessness checks as well as high-level partitioning of the host system, will be on display during demonstrations at the HexaTrust Pavilion (H3), on January 25th and 26th, 2016.

 janv 21 2016 // More information



 Pharma & biotechs

Bertin Pharma will attend the second meeting Health Industries Aquitaine Euskadi, on February 11th 2016

The second meeting Industries Health Aquitaine Euskadi, co-organized by BioCluster and the GIPSO, propose to make an assessment of the collaborations developed after the first edition. It gathers the health industry firms and research and innovation experts.

 janv 15 2016 // More information



 ARAB HEalth exhibition dubai 2016

Bertin Technologies presents its Sterilwave solution from 25th to 28th of January 2016 at the Arab Health exhibition in Dubai

 Bertin Technologies will present its Sterilwave solution from 25th to 28th of January 2016 at the Arab Health exhibition in Dubai.

The Arab Health Exhibition & Congress is the largest healthcare exhibition & medical congress in the Middle East.

Indeed, the Sterilwave solution is designed for biohazardous waste management.
This innovative system is based on microwave technology and allows a simplified bioharz waste management directly on-site.

 dec 23 2015 // More information on the press release



 pharma & biotechs

Bertin Pharma sign up an agreement with LXRepair for manufacturing and distributing a kit to quantify DNA repair enzyme activities


LXRepair has a unique expertise in the field of DNA Repair enzyme activity quantification on microarrays. It has approached Bertin Pharma to industrialize, produce and market its first off-the-shelf assay kit: Glyco-SPOT DNA Repair Assay kit. This assay kit is based on a technology which addresses the need to understand and characterize the entire DNA repair network.

 dec 10 2015 // More information on the press release




COP 21 and energies : CNIM and its subsidiary Bertin Technologies, at the Forefront of Industrial Innovation

 image pompe à chaleur CNIM and its subsidiaries Bertin Technologies and LAB attending the COP 21 from 2 to 5 December at la Galerie des Solutions ADEME booth C25 in Le Bourget.
COP21 is the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21/CMP11), which will be held from 30 November to 11 December 2015 at Le Bourget. Renewable energy has a key role in the fight against climate change. CNIM Group and its subsidiary Bertin Technologies are key players in the development and operation of renewable energies. CNIM is in the production of electrical energy, cogeneration and tri-generation to develop waste heat into useful energy , heat or cold from :

Waste (WTE), biomass (Biomass boilers), solar power (CSP), river currents and tides (tidal turbine redesign), algae and biogas (high efficiency reactors and gasifier), waste heat to lower temperature ( innovative absorption heat pumps and chillers with a large thermal gradient).

The LAB subsidiary of CNIM Group designs of flue gas treatment systems minimizing the pollutant load of traditional fossil fuels.

The Bertin Technologies subisidary helps its customers from the analysis of their installations to the implementation of effective solutions: energy balance, consumption monitoring, expert systems and optimization software linked to renewable energies.

dec 01 2015 // More information on the press release




Marine turbine designed by Bertin Technologies inaugurated on Adour river in Bayonne port, France

How can electricity be produced using the energy from our rivers and estuaries while remaining ecofriendly?

A marine turbine named URABAILA was inaugurated on November 4, 2015 by Alain Rousset, the President of the Aquitaine Region, in the port of Bayonne. This innovation produces electricity by using the estuary tidal or river currents. It presents three major assets : robustness, ecological integration and economic performance.
It is currently connected to the public grid.


nov 19 2015 // More information on the press release




The One-Stop shop for CBRN Detection

CBRN Threat DetectionIn January 2015, Bertin Technologies acquired Saphymo, a French specialist in ionizing radiation detection and monitoring, and became the only French industrialist to offer a full range of equipment and systems for detecting and identifying Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threats. With a team of nearly 300 people generating €50M in turnover, the new business unit Bertin Systems and Instrumentation, which includes Saphymo, is a genuine deterrent in the face of all these threats.

They meet the numerous demanding needs of defense and security actors (Armed Forces, Gendarmerie, Home Security, national or intergovernmental Police forces, Customs, etc.) as well as the needs of industries striving to manage those risks better.

Meet us from November 17 – 20, 2015 in the Major Risks area at Milipol, the worldwide exhibition for internal State security.

> Visit Bertin Technologies and Saphymo at the Milipol Exhibition, Villepinte Parc des Expositions, Hall 5A – Booth 5N 123.

> CBRN Threat Detection Workshop: Nov. 18, 2015 from 2-5pm. Sign up online

> More product information in our website

nov 17 2015 // More information on the press release  



  information technology

ECOSSIAN keeps a watchful eye on critical European infrastructures


The ECOSSIAN R&D FP7 project is aimed at creating a paneuropean real-time alert and cyber vigilance system to improve the protection of critical infrastructures in the EU.

At the end of the scheduled 36 month project framework, a prototype of the very first European SOC (Security Operation Centre) will see the light of day.


NoV 5 2015  // More information on the press release



  Homeland and Civil Security

Cnim and Bertin Technologies to attend APHS Show in Singapore

In order to meet growing security needs in the Asia Pacific region, Singapore will host the first edition of the Asia Pacific Homeland Security Exhibition on October 28 to 30, 2015. CNIM and the subsidiary Bertin Technologies will demonstrate innovative equipment and systems dedicated to anticipate threats and respond to all kind of emergencies: anticipation and crisis management, natural and industrial disasters, safety and security of population, military or civilian infrastructure and information systems security.

CNIM Innovation & Systems will present three business lines:

 Picto ProjectionLand and Maritime Projection Systems by CNIM Industrial Systems:

  • Motorised floating bridge (PFM), an all-in-one product. It enables continuous or discontinuous crossing of wet gaps (bridge or ferry) in keeping with the tactical issues and constraints imposed by the nature of the terrain.
  • High speed connector for amphibious operations L-CAT®. Intended for "shore to shore" applications or amphibious operations from LPD/BPC and TCD type amphibious craft, it can unload men, armored vehicles in the absence of port facilities and in shallow water. Its speed and high payload capacity make it highly efficient for post-disaster operations.

Picto systèmes & instrumention BertinComprehensive CBRN threats solutions by Bertin Technologies and Saphymo:

  • Systems and instrumentation to monitor and detect Biological and Chemical threats like standoff gas cloud detection camera Second Sight® and portable air sampler for airborne pathogens collection Coriolis®Recon
  • Radiological and nuclear monitoring systems such as Gamma Tracer®and Saphygate®by Saphymo, a company of Bertin Technologies since January 2015.

> Come to our conference "CBRN solutions for Homeland Security" on Thursday, October 29 from 14:00 to 15:00.

Picto Information TechnologyCyber Intelligence and Cyber Security by Bertin IT:

  • Defense in-depth of sensitive networks and neutralization of threats like USB threats
  • Cyber threat anticipation and speech to text analytics.

         > More information:

> Stand : Marina Bay Sands, Sands Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall D stand C02 du 28 au 30 octobre 2015

  Oct 28-30 2015





Bertin Technologies to attend International Paris Air Show - 2015

The Paris Air Show will take place from June 15 to 21, 2015 in Le Bourget, providing Bertin Technologies with the opportunity to showcase its range of aerospace solutions and expertise :

Given its longstanding experience in Research & Development in aerospace with the major European players in the industry, Bertin Technologies will naturally take part in this key event to exhibit its dedicated solutions and expertise, booth B46, Hall 6: 

Spearhead instrumentation systems
• Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for satellite applications
• Onboard Instrumentation (satellite sub-systems)

Ergonomics & Human Factors
• Human Factors: cockpit design
• Ergonomics: Design of air traffic control (ATC) rooms

Multiphysics Modeling and Expertise
• Feasibility study
• Design & multiphysics modeling
• Weather risk assessment
• Technological development  

JUNE 2014 // More information on the press release  



information technology

BERTIN TECHNOLOGIES acquires AMI Software and establishes itself as a key player in Web Content Mining

As a result of this acquisition, an alliance of recognized technological expertise and industry know-how will be forged, creating market proposition on the market of a unique value.
Combining Bertin IT’s skills in analyzing multilingual multimedia content, in particular audio and video sources, with AMI Software’s textual data research and processing capabilities  will  make provision for  extraction of  the wealth of content transmitted via the Internet, fulfilling even the most exacting data management requirements. 

May 2015 //  More information on the press release  


defense and security

CNIM & its subsidiary BERTIN TECHNOLOGIES showcase their solutions at Forum Entreprises Défense

Because fighting terrorist threats in this day and age requires effective means, on April 29, 2015, François Hollande announced an additional €3.8 billion devoted to the French military  budget within the framework of the French Military Programming Law (LPM).

In that context, CNIM and its subsidiary Bertin Technologies, actors of reference in technological innovation dedicated to Defence & Security challenges, will participate in the Forum Entreprises Défense to showcase their dedicated solutions (stand D10 - Hall 1): Bridging systemsOptronics and CBRN Threat Detection, at Stand D10 - Hall1.


May   2015 //  More information on the press release  


defense and security

Bertin Technologies exhibiting at SOFINS seminary

The second seminar devoted to the Special Operations Forces will be held from April 14 to 16, 2015 at Camp de Souge (Bordeaux) providing the opportunity for Bertin Technologies to display its product range for optronics and cybersecurity at Booth A205;

Bertin Technologies, a key player in technological innovation devoted to Defense and Security challenges will naturally participate in this event to present its solutions dedicated to:

Optronics equipment for surveillance and identification of high-risk hotspots :
VigiSight®: an electronic real-time image-processing module.
VitelSight®: uncooled thermal sight for marksmen.

Cyber intelligence and cybersecurity solutions :
MediaCentric®: in-depth analysis platform of open sources.
MediaSpeech®: multilingual voice transcription solution. 

APRIL 2015 //
More information on the press release


  Quality and Environment

Bertin Technologies certified Quality Safety Environment

Bertin Technologies has obtained a triple certification for three of its French sites: Montigny (next to Paris), Aix (South East) and Tarnos (South West):
Quality: ISO 9001 Certification
Safety: OHSAS 18001 Certification
Environment: ISO 14001 Certification.

Since its early beginning (setting up) in 1999, Bertin Technologies has been involved in higher quality issues. Four years later, in 2003, Bertin Technologies achieved its first certificate ISO 9001. In January 2013, "name" a department (subsidiary si filiale) of Bertin Technologies became Mase/uig.

Customer and employees together in the QSE management policy.

A QSE Management System requires strong skills with an innovating overview, in which organization system, behaviors, core skills and communication are part of a successful approach. The QSE Management System is a simple and efficient tool to respond to customer's satisfaction matters.

For Bertin Technologies, being today in a QSE Management System is a proof of the perfect match with Group CNIM, Bertin Technologies’ mother company, already committed in an health, safety and environment policy.

QSE policy Bertin Technologies comes in 4 priority areas:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Staff satisfaction
  • Continuity of the company
  • Continuous improvement approach
march 2015




Bertin Technologies acquires Saphymo strengthening instrumentation and systems division for Nuclear, Defense and Environment

On January 1, 2015, Bertin Technologies, a subsidiary of the French industrial group CNIM, finalized the takeover of the Saphymo Group, a French leader in systems for detecting and monitoring ionizing radiation. As a result, it has strengthened its scientific instrumentation and systems division and become the only French industrialist to offer a full range that covers both:
- detection and identification of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats, for defense and security
- and ionizing radiation monitoring for the nuclear industry.

With the acquisition of Saphymo, Bertin Technologies has created a new entity called Bertin Systems & Instrumentation aimed at becoming an international leader on the market of instrumentation products with high added value in terms of technology, for the sectors of nuclear energy, environment and life sciences as well as defense and security.

The new offer is dedicated to four major fields:
1. Ionizing radiation detection and monitoring in the nuclear and environmental sectors
2. CBRN threat detection
3. Lab equipment
4. Technological developments and systems

february 09, 2015 //  More information on the press release   


BERTIN TECHNOLOGIES signs a protocol with a view to acquiring SAPHYMO 

Bertin Technologies* is strengthening its range of instrumentation equipment and systems by acquiring the Saphymo Group. This take-over would take effect in early January 2015.

Saphymo is a key French provider of instrumentation solutions for detecting and measuring ionizing radiation. Saphymo is active in 3 sectors: the nuclear industry, the environment and defense and security. Based at Saint-Aubin on the Saclay plateau next Paris, it has 3 other sites in France as well as 2 subsidiaries located in Germany and in Italy.

Bertin Technologies is at the forefront of French technological and industrial innovation and has been investing for a number of years in the area of state-of-the-art instrumentation systems, recently winning contracts with major players in the space (vehicle-based sensing and soil test rigs) and defense sectors (Megajoule laser alignment system). Since it is involved in laboratory instrumentation, Bertin Technologies is also one of the leading French companies engaged in detecting chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats (cf.

The two companies will both maintain their current workforce and operating sites. Together Bertin Technologies and Saphymo will be able to develop both technological and commercial synergy in their product ranges in the nuclear and CBRN sectors. They will therefore form a coherent unit with a strong presence on the international stage and active in markets which have grown considerably in recent years as a result, on the one hand, of lessons learnt from the Fukushima disaster and, on the other, from persistent terrorist CBRN threats.

*Bertin Technologies belongs to CNIM group. CNIM is quoted on Euronext Paris

OCTOBER 28, 2014 // More information on the press release  



BERTIN TECHNOLOGIES & CNIM exhibiting at Euronaval 

Bertin Technologies and CNIM are exhibiting at EURONAVAL, held from 16 to 20 June 2014 in Paris-Le Bourget
(Booth D16 – Hall 2).

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about Bertin's naval expertise:

- Hovereye-Ex®, the mini-UAV for threat reconnaissance and surveillance in the area, operated from aboard ships.
-Ergonomics and Human Factors management in workspaces to improve crew performance and reliability.  

OCTOBER 2014 // More information on the press release  



BERTIN TECHNOLOGIES & CNIM exhibiting at the 1st World Nuclear Exhibition

Bertin Technologies participated with CNIM and Technoplus Industries in the first World Nuclear Exhibition of 14 to 16 October 2014 at Paris Le Bourget, stand J35.

Visitors discovered their products and expertise in the following category :



OCTOBER 2014 //
More information on the press release


Lab equipment

FEEL POWERFUL! Bertin Technologies launches Precellys® Evolution, its brand new biological sample homogenizer 

In order to meet the needs of its clients in the field of science and research and thus strengthen its position as leader on the international market for the lysing and homogenization of biological samples, Bertin Technologies is taking an innovative step forward, launching a new state-of-the-art apparatus called Precellys® Evolution.

Backed up by an eye-catching publicity campaign based on a super-hero related theme, Precellys® Evolution will be available for purchase from 18 September 2014 onwards and will be launched via an international network of 75 distribution partners.


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SEPTEMBER 2014 // More information on the press release  



French DGAC certifies HoverEye-EX®, mini UAV by Bertin Technologies 

Bertin Technologies is currently reaping the benefits of its R&D investments with the HoverEye-Ex®, a 25-kg rotary-wing miniature UAV (Category E) that passed the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) certification phase with flying colors last August.

The first turboprop helicopter to obtain the Type Design Certificate for unmanned aircraft, each HoverEye-Ex® UAV is now authorized to conduct observation missions within the regulatory framework established by DGAC.

This unprecedented certification opens up new commercial perspectives for the product that will be showcased in open-air demonstrations at the UAV Show in Bordeaux this coming September 9-11th (Booth 102).    


SEPTEMBER 2014 // More information on the press release  


Defence and security

Bertin Technologies and CNIM are exhibiting at EUROSATORY Paris 

EUROSATORY, the International Land & Air Defense & Security Exhibition, will be held from 16 to 20 June 2014 in Paris-Nord Villepinte. Bertin Technologies and CNIM will be exhibiting on Booth J80, Hall 6.

Bertin Technologies will show its products in the following categories:

- Second Sight®: standoff real time gas detector
- Coriolis® Recon: portable bio air sampler for identification of pathogenic agents

- VigiSight®: real-time automatic image-processing module
- HoverEye-Ex®: tactical vertical take-off and landing UAV

- MediaCentric®: 24/7 digital vigilance solution for crisis management and cybersecurity
- PolyXene®: highly secure operating software to protect IT systems industry.  


June 2014 // More information on the press release  



Supersonic SERA1 rocket successfully launched!

Since 2005, Bertin Technologies has been involved in the student project PERSEUS (Projet Etudiant de Recherche Spatiale Européen Universitaire et Scientifique) initiated by the French Space Agency (CNES). The project goal is to promote the emergence of innovative and educational technical solutions in the field of space launchers in order to develop a set of ground and flight demonstrators. 

On Wednesday, May 7, 2014, the final countdown (H-2:30) began at 12 noon. SERA-1 was successfully launched at 3:10 p.m. from the Esrange Space Center in Sweden. It climbed to 5.5 km at a maximum speed of approx. 1750 km/hr, reaching apogee at 27 seconds after liftoff, for an 8-minute flight.

This big achievement can be credited to the teams at Bertin Technologies and all the project partners. As a result, Bertin Technologies is positioned as a prime contractor for technological demonstrators in the space industry.  

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Translational Medicine

Bertin Pharma and Harlan Contract Research Services (CRS) sign strategic collaboration agreement

Bertin Pharma and Harlan Contract Research Services announced a strategic partnership to offer a comprehensive package for early drug development.

Under the agreement, the companies will offer a wider range of drug discovery and translational medicine services, including expanded profiling and molecule testing, especially in the context of regulatory studies. Through the alliance, Harlan CRS will strengthen its drug discovery and translational medicine offerings utilizing Bertin Pharma’s expertise in immunology and biomarkers. “For Bertin Pharma, this partnership will increase our international visibility and allow us to expand our services by integrating project management capabilities and expertise,” said Xavier Morge, managing director of Bertin Pharma.“We welcome this strategic agreement with Bertin Pharma. Its expertise in the immunological sector is impressive and well-known in the industry,” said Manuela Leone, president of Harlan CRS. 


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life sciences

Bertin Pharma acquires Johnson & Johnson Santé Beauté France R&D site of OTC drugs and positions itself in a growing market

On January 31st, 2014, Bertin Pharma, a Bertin Technologies subsidiary specialising in pharmaceutical R&D contract services and a bioreagent supplier, has acquired a 1500 sqm. R&D facility located in Martillac (south-west of France) dedicated to the formulation and the production of clinical batches of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs from Johnson & Johnson Santé Beauté France (JJSBF).

The acquisition by Bertin Pharma enables the maintenance of 15 highly qualified pharmaceutical R&D jobs in the Bordeaux Region. “We welcome the responsible decision of a global group that decided to rely on a well-established local actor committed to a real strategy of development”, emphasizes Philippe Demigné, President of Bertin Technologies.

February 2014 // More information on the press release  



Mastering spearhead technologies to meet major challenges: discover Bertin Technologies highlights in 2013

A year of innovation for people : securing sensitive information systems, detection of chemical and biological threat, expertise in human factor in the modernization of Ariane V control rooms, development of river turbines, design of optical benches for Meteosat program.

januarY 2014 // Discover more about Bertin' technological innovations in 2013   


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