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PAB-2 is a contamination smear test monitor designed for Alpha and Beta radiation measurements from a surface.

The PAB-2 low background counter is designed for measuring alpha and beta contamination from a surface in high gamma background. Indirect methods of surface contamination monitoring are used when unsuitable geometry or interference from other radiations prevent direct monitoring and in complement when direct monitoring has shown the presence of radioactive contamination.

Measurement tests can be performed on any material leaving a controlled area or nuclear site. The PAB-2 is used for testing contamination on transport casks, parcels, luggage, etc.

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Radiation type

  • α and β

Detector type

  • Sealed proportional counter

Typical contact efficiency

  • Co60: 16%; Am241: 4%

Useful dimensions

  • 51 mm diameter


  • Large dimension LCD screen with numerical values


  • cps, Bq, Bq/cm² or Bq/m3


  • Ambient gamma monitoring and subtraction


  • RS232


  • Reinforced shielding PAB-2R

Dedicated to surface contamination measurements

  • PAB-2 provides the best measurement for surface contamination in real-time with its dual proportional counter, sealed Ar-CO2


  • The PAB-2 is ergonomic with a large LCD screen display. It is also compatible with Printer and PC

Adaptable parameters

  • PAB-2 has adjustable contamination thresholds. Parameter access can also be restricted by a key for more security

Adapted to any situation

  • PAB-2 can be brought everywhere, and be used for measurements in a vehicle with its dedicated external power supply with car adapter

PAB-2 has a sealed Ar-CO2 detector, with a window diameter of 51 mm. It is sensitive to both alpha and beta radiation. Measuring time is then automatically adjusted according to this background value, taking into account the detection limit.

PAB-2 has a guided aluminum plate for smear tests and filter measurements. Easy to clean in case of contamination

3,840 values can be stored on a flash memory, and then saved on another physical support for further data analysis.

• Internal battery with charger – 8-hour autonomy
• External power supply +14.4 VDC1A with car adapter
• Drawer to accommodate a tray with dimensions ø 56 mm x 3 mm maximum (on request)

Reasons to choose PAB-2

Autonomous and user-friendly

Easy to clean in case of contamination

Sensitive to both alpha and beta radiation

Real-time monitoring

Can be used in the field with a car adapter


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