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Biological sampling and identification

For the fight against bioweapons and bioterrorism and for the prevention of infectious risk, Bertin Instruments provides sample collection and analysis solutions to protect the Armed Forces, the population and the environment from biological threats.

The risk of dissemination of a pathogen, be it intentionally or accidentally, is very real. The nature and seriousness of biological threats make the use of smart instruments for sampling and searching for infectious pathogens essential. As the main dispersion and contamination method is aerosolization, air control is therefore crucial for the implementation of an appropriate operational response and medical countermeasures. To detect the threat efficiently, Bertin Instruments has developed a range of bio air samplers called Coriolis® that allow to collect biological particles present in the air and to concentrate them in a sample, compatible with all standard analysis methods.

Bertin also provides a qPCR detection kit named Biotoxis, which simultaneously detects the three main agents of the biological threat – B. anthracis, Y. pestis and F. tularensis – for a rapid and reliable response. Furthermore, Bertin Instruments has proven its ability to quickly develop innovative bio identification equipment, such as BEC SARS-CoV-2 RT-LAMP system, to enhance the European and national sovereignty and resilience against emerging pathogens.
Due to their ergonomic design (Dimensions, weight, robustness, comfortable and easy use), Bertin’s equipment is perfectly adapted to use in the field, as part of military or civil security operations.

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