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Radiological & Nuclear detection & monitoring solutions

Bertin instruments provides a wide range of reliable, early warning solutions to detect, measure, and monitor radiological and nuclear threats, ensuring the protection of civilians, military, or security forces as well as the environment.

With over 60 years of experience in measuring radiation, Bertin Instruments designs smart equipment for radiation protection and radiological risk characterisation. Its ambition is to guarantee the safety of Forces potentially exposed to radioactivity, to monitor exposure to radiation on strategic sites and their surroundings, and to assess radiological situations in the event of crises.

To achieve its aim, Bertin provides a comprehensive portfolio of systems and instruments dedicated to the detection, measurement and monitoring of alpha, beta, gamma, neutron radiation. Through the Bertin Instruments brand, the instrumentation activity of Bertin Technologies, the company offers reliable and robust equipment covering the following critical applications:

  • Dosimetry and radiation protection: Electronic dosimeter (SaphyDose gamma i), operational teledosimetry system (Skydose), dose rate measurement system (IF 104)
  • Radiation survey meters: Military multiprobe survey meter (SaphyRAD MS), γ survey meter (MiniTRACE, RadTRACE, DG5), contamination meter, survey meter and multifunction dosimeter (MiniTRACE CSDF), γ and x portable polyradiameter (6150 AD),
  • Alpha/beta contamination control: multiprobe contamination meter (SaphyRAD range), aerosol beacon (BAB A7).

Due to their technical characteristics, these portable or transportable radiation protection instruments offer high detection and measurement performances, contributing to an immediate reactivity in the field, for the demanding markets of Nuclear, Health, Defense and Security.

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27 Apr 2023

Bertin Instruments designs & manufactures scientific instruments for critical applications in the fields of  Nuclear, Health Physics...



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