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Aspergillus Detection in Healthcare Establishments

Sources: A.Trousseau teaching hospital, Paris


The monitoring of air contamination in healthcare establishments helps the prevention and the decrease of nosocomial infections. Airborne spores of pathogens microorganisms like Aspergillus fumigatus can be indeed responsible for severe diseases such as invasive aspergillosis.

To get a reliable control, it has to be performed with a representative sample of the surrounding air and easily analyzable by associated identification and measurement techniques.


● Coriolis® Micro + sterile cone
● Collection liquid: Braun Water + Triton-X 0.005%
● Membrane of filtration
● Petri dishes + Sabouraud medium


● 1 m3 air sampling: 200 L/min during 5 minutes
● Sample filtration on membrane
● Filter deposit on Sabouraud agar plate
● Incubation 5 days at 37°C
● Identification by the Scotch® technique


● Collection time: 2 times faster than impactor
● Sensible detection
● Better representativity

In low contaminated atmosphere: Coriolis
collection efficiency ≥ Traditional air sampler

Coriolis Aspergillus Fumigatus

Aspergillus fumigatus©

Coriolis Aspergillus Fumigatus - Collection efficiency

* « Contrôle de la contamination aéroportée à l’Hôpital : Comparaison d’un impacteur sur gélose et d’un biocollecteur en milieu liquide pour la détection d’Aspergillus ».
H.Vu-Thien et al. HygièneS N°5, Vol.XVI, Déc.08


The cyclonic technology offers an efficiency comparable to impaction for Aspergillus collection.
Thanks to a representative air sample, sensitive results can be obtained in a shorter time.
Furthermore, the sample is compatible with a PCR analysis for a higher specificity and rapid result in a few hours.


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