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Bertin Instruments designs & manufactures scientific instruments for critical applications in the fields of Nuclear & Health Physics, and Defence against CBRN threats.

Bertin Instruments, a brand of Bertin Technologies group, designs and manufactures state-of-the-art measurement & sampling systems and instruments for key worldwide markets:

• Nuclear Instrumentation (Radon professional monitoring, environmental radiation monitoring systems, radiation portal monitors, health physics);
• CBRN threat detection (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear).

Our instruments and on-demand technologies allow our customers to measure, sample and detect invisible elements (gases, ionizing radiation, night-concealed targets,…). Our customized approach is based on a product-specific and customer-focused organization to meet their advanced needs. We offer a high level of technical and scientific support and distribute our products and systems worldwide thanks to a wide network of local partners. Bertin Instruments is present at all stages in the life cycle of the products, services and systems, from initial design to obsolescence control. Bertin GmbH, Bertin Italia and Bertin Environics subsidiaries are attached to Bertin Instruments.



Nuclear & Health Physics

Bertin Instruments is a privileged partner of the major French and international nuclear actors. Its wide range of instruments, dedicated to the detection and the monitoring of ionizing radiations – Alpha, Bêta, Gamma, Neutron – covers the areas of measurement, surveillance and protection of people, facilities and the environment. Bertin Instruments thus offers stand-alone and mobile solutions especially designed to comply with the strongest requirements, in terms of quality, reliability & robustness:

• Dosimetry systems for the measurement of dose exposure on people;
• Survey meters: control and analysis devices;
• Contamination monitoring systems for the detection and concentration measurement in people, surfaces, objects exposed to ionizing radiations;
• Radiation portal monitors for pedestrians, luggage, vehicles & loads control;
• Fixed radiation monitoring systems for nuclear facilities;
• Environmental Radiation Monitoring Systems for the measurement of radioactivity in air, soil and water;
• Radon professional monitoring.

In addition, it offers after-sales solutions to maintain products and systems (either supplied by Bertin or other manufacturers) in good working conditions, throughout their operational life cycle. All services are fully compliant with the latest legal requirements in terms of radiation protection, and with CEFRI-E and COFRAC standards (certified calibration center for ionizing radiation, including two shielded rooms for radiometry and dosimetry).

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CBRN Threat Detection

As an innovative brand, Bertin Instruments is one of the French leading experts in the field of Defence, homeland & industrial security. Relying on its long experience with industries and public institutions, it designs, produces and supplies high value-added solutions in response to the major technological challenges of both civil and military operators, in the field of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threat detection and identification, with its multiprobe survey meter SaphyRAD MS, its radiation portal monitors SaphyGATE, its portable air samplers Coriolis, and its chemical gas cloud detector Second Sight.

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