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Detecting radioactivity in medical waste

To prevent health risks for staff and patients, our solutions can detect and locate radiation sources in healthcare facilities.

In healthcare environments, people can be exposed to radiation because hospitals and medical centers use radioactive materials. Thus, it is considered that half of the people exposed to radiation are from the medical field. Radioactive materials are used both for the detection and identification of pathologies (whether cancerous tumors or heart disease) and for the treatment of these pathologies, particularly cancerous cells. These activities generate a lot of radioactive waste, which must be handled with the utmost care. It is therefore absolutely essential to carry out zoning operations and regular checks of the dose rate and contamination of surfaces and waste.

Practices using radioactive sources are constantly evolving, leading to new risks. Bertin’s expertise consists in adapting radionuclear technologies to the medical environment in order to offer solutions at the cutting edge of regulations. This range of products developed under the Bertin Instruments brand allows the radioactivity of waste to be checked before it is sent to a treatment center or handled by operators.

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