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Nuclear detection

Bertin Instruments has developed a full range of products and systems dedicated to radiation protection and ionizing radiation monitoring on an international scale.

The nuclear industry, including power plants, research centres and fuel cycle specialists are legally obliged to protect their staff, local populations and the environment and to secure their processes.

Bertin Instruments offers field-proven solutions linked to radiation protection, process control and environmental monitoring that meet the needs of nuclear industry players and is continuously reinforcing its technology to manage complex systems with high standards. Its product ranges, designed for highly demanding industrial environments, are associated with personal protection as well as process and environmental monitoring, access control, dosimetry, portable radiation protection, contamination monitoring, fixed channels and radon monitoring.

Range of products
for Nuclear detection

Environmental Radiation Monitoring

As a key player in the detection and measurement of radioactivity, Bertin Instruments provides a complete range of fixed or mobile systems for environmental radiation monitoring.

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Radon monitoring – detection and meter

A complete range of products for Radon risk assessment, from personal exposure to reference radon measurements.

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Radiation portal monitors

Radiation portal monitors are specifically designed for the detection of very low radioactive contamination and orphan sources at high traffic flow gates for vehicles, cargo, containers and pedestrians.

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Survey meters

Bertin Instruments provides a full range of professional equipment for radiation or contamination monitoring and measurement, to ensure the protection of workers and the environment.

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Ensuring dosimetry monitoring for workers exposed to ionizing radiations is a top priority. Bertin Instruments is rising to the challenge by providing efficient and reliable dosimeters and dosimetry systems.

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Contamination meters

Bertin Instruments has developed fast and reliable products aimed at detecting Alpha and Beta ray contamination.

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Surveillance radiologique de l’environnement

Acteur majeur de la détection et la mesure de la radioactivité, Bertin Instruments fournit un large éventail de systèmes fixes ou mobiles pour la surveillance radiologique de l’environnement.

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Air monitoring

Coriolis Air samplers collect biological particles in the air which offer new perspectives for the control of airborne contamination thanks to its liquid sample.

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Radioactivity measurement technologies & systems on-demand

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Biological Detection

Bertin Technologies has recognized expertise in the collection of air samples, analysis of microbiological contamination and identification of pathogens, enabling operators to combat biological risks effectively.

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Contrôle de la qualité de l’air avec Coriolis

Les biocollecteurs d’air Coriolis collectent des particules biologiques dans l’air et offrent de nouvelles perspectives de contrôle des contaminations par voie aérienne grâce à leurs échantillons liquides.

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Portiques de détection de la radioactivité

Les portiques de détection de la radioactivité sont spécifiquement conçus pour détecter de très faibles niveaux de contamination radioactive ainsi que des sources orphelines dans les véhicules, chargements, conteneurs et piétons, en zones d’accès à fort trafic.

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Surveillance professionnelle du radon

Une gamme complète de produits pour évaluer les risques liés au radon, depuis l’exposition personnelle jusqu’aux mesures de radon de référence.

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Bertin Instruments a conçu des produits rapides et fiables permettant de détecter la contamination aux rayons alpha et bêta.

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Business cases


EDF – Rapid response for major radiological accidents

Bertin Instruments radiation detection probes delivered to the French nuclear operator are to be deployed in the event of an emergency. Shortly after the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in March 2011, a need for additional safety measures became obvious. On the recommendation of the French nuclear safety regulator (ASN), EDF suggested creating […]

Bertin Instruments-Egypt

National radioactivity monitoring network – Egypt

The Egypt State awarded Bertin Instruments the contract to establish a national radioactivity monitoring network. In case of a radiological incident, warning stations installed in strategic locations will allow for rapid crisis management even in degraded environmental conditions. Saphymo delivered at the end of 2015 a first radioactivity monitoring network for the Egyptian State. In […]


Implementation of a radiological emergency monitoring system for Bruce Power NPP

The Bruce Power nuclear power plant (BP NPP) in Ontario, Canada, is the largest nuclear generating station in the world, operating eight nuclear reactors producing 6300 MW. In line with Bruce Power’s safety culture, “Safety first” and continuous improvements are essential and substantial elements of the Bruce Power philosophy and management system. After the Fukushima […]


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