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CamSight is a lightweight and compact core camera to be integrated into complex optronic systems. It comes in four versions, CamSight IR, for infrared vision, CamSight LP, infrared & low power, CamSight LL including a color visible low light sensor and CamSight HD equipped with LYNRED’s ATTO1280 infrared sensor.

Designed for vehicle manufacturers and integrators, CamSight is a family of OEM cameras for complex optronic systems, based on FusionSight and PeriSight optronic technologies. Reliable and easy to maintain, CamSight modules are available in four versions, thermal, thermal low power, and low light level.

These high performance optronic modules start in a very short time. Light, compact and energy-efficient, they can be adapted to any system, from perimeter surveillance of land and naval vehicles, driver vision of armored vehicles, surveillance of sensitive sites and on-board observation on UAV.

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CamSight HD

CamSight HD is Bertin’s latest OEM IR camera. Equipped with LYNRED’s ATTO1280 infrared sensor (1280 x 1024@12µm pitch), it offers real time, freeze-free image delivery over a wide range of light level conditions, in both day and night environments. This OEM optronic module sets new standards for size, weight and power (SWaP), while providing outstanding high definition images. CamSight HD is thus particularly adapted to demanding applications such as ground or airborne intelligence, surveillance, identification and reconnaissance.

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CamSight LP

CamSight LP

Based on the CamSight IR technology, this ultracompact version is low power consuming and can be installed in the most constraint environments. The camera is equipped with the latest ULIS infrared sensor. It comes with an uncooled system and a shutterless technology that allows for real time freeze-free image delivery. On demand, Bertin can provide a CamSight LP version equipped with a high-definition (1024×768) sensor.

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CamSight IR

This version offers uncooled thermal imaging technology, without shutter (for a permanence of observation in infrared vision). This Long Wave Infra Red (LWIR) sensor includes a high-resolution microbolometer with uncooled, shutter-free technologies, which means that only one calibration of the camera at the factory is required, with no periodic control.

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CamSight IR

CamSight LL

CamSight LL

This version includes a color low light sensor allows for an extremely sensitive performance (down to 3 mlx – night level 3). The visible Low Light Color version includes a state-of-the-art LCMOS sensor, and provides a color image down to low brightness (~ 10mlx), and a grayscale image of down to very low luminosity (~ 3mlx), without additional lighting source. In partnership with PHOTONIS.

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CamSight LP:
640 x 480
@17um @ 25FPS

CamSight IR:
UC (8-12μm)

CamSight LL:
CMOS low light color

LYNRED Atto (1280 x 1024@12µm pitch)


CamSight IR:
30°, 55°, 90°

CamSight LL:
On demand


< 5,5W / < 1W for CamSight LP

< 3 W for CamSight HD


< 5s / 1,2s for CamSight LP

< 3 seconds for CamSight HD


45x65x52mm / 37x37x21 for CamSight LP

55x40x40mm with 60 mm F#1/0.95 lens for CamSight HD


330g / 22g for CamSight LP

162g with 60mm lens for CamSight HD



HD-SDI@25HZ for CamSight HD

State-of-the-art vision technologies

Four versions – visible color low light and shutterless thermal according to night & day applications
CamSight LL, based on a color low light sensor designed by Photonis
CamSight IR, CamSight LP & CamSight HD, based on an uncooled thermal imaging technology designed by Lynred

Easy integration

Compact and lightweight OEM core cameras
Small power consumption
Fast time to image

Additional benefits

HD video output

Several lenses available for CamSight IR (30°, 55°, 90°)

Reasons to choose CamSight

From narrow to wide fields of view

Fully digital

HD digital video output

Fast time to image

Low energy consumption


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