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Medical waste treatment solutions

Through Bertin Medical Waste’s brand, Bertin Technologies offers a complete range of innovative solutions for the onsite medical waste treatment.

Through the brand Bertin Medical Waste, Bertin Technologies designs and markets solutions for the treatment of biomedical waste. The Sterilwave range and its associated accessories and benefits allow effective and safe treatment of biomedical waste carried out in the immediate vicinity of where it is produced, as recommended by the World Health Organization. These machines make it possible to grind and sterilize on-site all types of hospital waste using microwave treatment, and therefore remove the need to take this waste outside the hospital, which poses a significant risk of external contamination and pollution.

The Sterilwave in situ process is very simple and fully automated: the waste is ground down and heated in the same vessel to over 100°C for twenty minutes. When the waste exits the machine, it is dry, inert and completely unrecognizable, with a volume reduction of 85% and a weight reduction of 25%. After the Sterilwave process, all the treated waste can be managed as a regular municipal waste without biological risk and hazard for the Public Health. The biological inactivation results obtained on bacteria and viruses reach all international norms and standards known worldwide for the management of bio-hazardous waste.

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