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Optical components and opto-mechanical systems

For more than 20 years, Bertin Winlight has been manufacturing complex custom optical components and systems. The expertise of its engineers, as well as its production techniques, allow it to offer high performance solutions for optical applications, from X-rays to far IR, in all types of environments.

High performance optical components

If traditional polishing techniques are still used in our workshops, the ever increasing diversity and complexity of the components to be produced require to master other processes. For 10 years, Bertin Winlight has not ceased to invest in new tools and methods in order to be able to offer innovative and demanding solutions. This is why Bertin Winlight can produce components from many types of materials: glass, ceramics, metals, crystals.
Our production and control capacities enable us to offer solutions for the realization of widely deformed or free-form optics up to 800 mm in diameter. In 2021, the diamond machining process (SPDT diameter up to 650 mm) was added to the existing processes. Finally, our perfect mastery of molecular adhesion allows us to propose ultra-stable and complex optical systems, such as interferometers or image slicers.

Complex optical systems

Bertin Winlight’s primary vocation is not only to produce optical components, but also to integrate them into complete systems. Entirely carried out in-house, our projects start with the optical definition optimized by our optics engineers. Our mechanical, thermal, physical and control engineers then carry out detailed studies, allowing us to design and produce the systems. Finally, our AIT engineers and technicians integrate them in a clean environment and test them to ensure that they meet the required performance. Our control and test equipment allow us to perform most of the technical validations in-house. We can thus provide optical systems for the most severe environments (Field, vacuum, cryogenics, space,…) in the fields of defense, astronomy, space and science. With the complementarity of Bertin Technologies’ teams, the group can offer complete optical and optronic solutions.

Illustration of these skills in major projects for the space and astronomy markets

For the space sector, Bertin Technologies participates in the development of optical communication technologies between satellites and the Earth. In addition to the Hertzian techniques currently used, these new technologies will allow increased speeds while guaranteeing the security of the information.
For the Astronomy market, Bertin Technologies designs and manufactures instruments for the observation of the Universe, using very high performance spectrographs. These spectrographs integrate image slicers made by our subsidiary Bertin Winlight. They have been chosen to equip the largest telescopes in the world such as the SWIFT multi-spectral space telescope. As for the 2nd generation 3D wide field spectrograph MUSE (Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer), it is intended for the Very Large Telescope VLT of the European Southern Observatory ESO (Chile).


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