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X-ray Mirror Benders

Bertin Winlight has a proprietary ultra-high vacuum X-ray mirror bending technology that can accommodate all mirrors, and all sizes up to 1500mm long.

Benders are an electronically controllable mechanical assembly that allows a spherical or elliptical radius of curvature to be applied to an X-ray mirror. In order to guarantee the necessary bending stroke and resolution, Bertin Winlight sizes both the mirror and the bender according to the specifications provided by the customer beforehand. It then ensures that the stability and surface quality of the mirror are not being degraded under any thermal or mechanical stress, as it often happens. Finally, to ensure its proper functioning, Bertin Winlight’s teams come to customer’ site to install and wire the system in the vacuum chamber.

The x-ray mirror bender technology of Bertin Winlight can accommodate mirrors of any size, whether face up, face down, or sideways, up to 1500 millimeters in length. Bertin Winlight’s technology thus allows for the best solution for bending high-quality x-ray beams.


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