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Gamma measurement probe NAVIRAD RS

To protect the French Navy’s crews against nuclear and radiological risks, Bertin Instruments has developed an early warning system to measure Gamma radiation.

On French Navy ships, it is important to ensure the radiation protection of personnel when faced with nuclear and radiological risk. This hazard may come from within the ship (in the case of nuclear-powered ships or ships carrying nuclear loads) or from outside (armed nuclear conflict or radiological incident on an external civil or military installation). Bertin Instruments has developed a warning system to rapidly alert and measure Gamma radiation to meet the needs of the French Navy with regard to protection against this type of threat.

This system is based on a network of radiological measurement probes called NAVIRAD connected to the building’s network via a connection box. This system is integrated on surface and submersible ships (FREMM frigates, PAN nuclear aircraft carriers, PHA amphibious helicopter carriers, SNLE nuclear ballistic missile submarines and nuclear-powered attack submarines SNA).
The NAVIRAD probe is fully waterproof and resistant to sea waves and salt spray in extreme conditions (-30° to +60°C). The NAVIRAD environmental sensor is also available in an ACTISUB version, a coated version that can be placed in a watertight bell for deep immersion.


Radiation detection and warning for buildings operating in a CBRN threat environment.

High measurement dynamics: 10 nSv/h to 10 Sv/h with two Geiger-Müller detectors.

No blinding up to 1000 Sv/h.

Reduced number of probes (≈ 4) to cover an entire surface vessel and effectively protect the crew from radiological threats.


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