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Medical waste management

Hospitals are facing the management of a large amount of waste with a potentially strong impact on health. Bertin Technologies provides solutions to measure, control, treat and thus limit their side-effects.

Hospitals as well as waste sorting and collection centers are exposed to waste that can impact the health of people working or living nearby. Bertin Technologies, through its brands Bertin Medical Waste and Bertin Instruments, provides solutions to help its customers detect, control or treat waste:
– Medical waste treatment systems equipped with microwave technology that can treat waste directly on site.
– Radioactivity detection solutions (radiological portal monitors, survey meters and waste control beacons) designed to control waste.

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Medical waste treatment solutions

Through Bertin Medical Waste’s brand, Bertin Technologies offers a complete range of innovative solutions for the onsite medical waste treatment.

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Detecting radioactivity in medical waste

To prevent health risks for staff and patients, our solutions can detect and locate radiation sources in healthcare facilities.

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