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Chemical detection

As a European leader in CBRN detection, identification and monitoring, Bertin Instruments provides high-end equipment improving hazardous chemical awareness and emergency management.

Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) are a constant threats for the military and the civilian population. Furthermore, many hazardous materials can be found anywhere in the form of Toxic Industrial Components (TIC), and be used around the world for legitimate applications. Due to the harmful nature of chemical substances, they pose an immediate risk to the environment and human health when released or misused, either accidentally or intentionally. In order to prevent such a risk, furthering a nation’s detection and response capabilities is an increasing necessity to guarantee both civilian and military protection.

Fully committed to the fight against chemical threats, Bertin Instruments provides a stand-off gas cloud detector, SecondSight® MS. Thanks to the widest monitored field of view this sophisticated chemical camera allows for real-time, simultaneous surveillance and source localization, at a maximum distance of 5km. With its infrared sensor and database of 50 different gases, Second Sight® MS detects, identifies and measures the concentration of TIC and CWA. It also offers a unique gas-X feature to detect unknown, impure or mixed gas. Perfectly adapted to both fixed and mobile surveillance, the camera can be deployed to monitor industrial facilities and major events, or be integrated into CBRN reconnaissance vehicles to support the Armed Forces and first responders in their delicate missions.

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