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Plasma diagnostics

After gaining initial experience in the Laser Megajoule (LMJ) inertial fusion program, Bertin Technologies has positioned itself as a key partner in the field of instrumentation for the analysis of very high temperature plasma during nuclear fusion reactions.

Indeed, since 2009, the company has been involved in ITER, the international nuclear fusion research and engineering project, through various contracts with ITER Organization in Cadarache, Fusion For Energy in Barcelona, and also the Princeton Physics Plasma Laboratory in the United States. The involvement of Bertin Technologies is crucial for the development of plasma diagnostic instruments for the Tokamak reactor. ITER being an experiment dedicated to a better understanding of the physical parameters required for the implementation of future power plants, it is therefore essential to equip the facility with a large number of high performance instruments to analyze and control the plasma in real time.

To address such special needs, Bertin Technologies has already been involved in the following projects:

WAVS VIS/IR – Wide Angle Viewing System: System for the detection of hot spots inside the Tokamak to prevent damage during the fusion reaction and to analyze plasma impurities. DIP – Density Interferometer Polarimeter : DIP, a high-power IR dispersion interferometer using OPGaAs crystal for electron density measurement
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IVVS – In-Vessel Viewing System : Internal viewing system consisting of 6 probes designed to measure the general state of the Tokamak’s internal structure, and to anticipate maintenance phases according to the erosion of the machine’s walls.
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CXRS – Charge Exchange Recombination Spectroscopy: Optical system for measuring the parameters (concentrations, temperatures, velocities) of impurities in the plasma of a tokamak.
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