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Saphydose gamma i

The Saphydose Gamma i is an isotropic electronic dosimeter dedicated to workers exposed to radiation. This instrument is used for measurement of the Hp(10), dose equivalent for the whole body.

Saphydose Gamma i is an operational dosimeter measuring radiation in real time (Hp (10) X and γ dose).

This dosimeter is designed for people working in a controlled area (nuclear power plant, fuel reprocessing plant, research center, hospital, non-destructive testing service, etc.) or likely to be exposed (army, police, fire brigade, etc.).

It is compliant with the IEC 61526 standard for measurement of personal dose equivalents. Reliable and ergonomic, the Saphydose Gamma i is appreciated for its sturdy aluminum housing, its high resistance to electromagnetic fields and its long time battery life. It can be used individually or as part of our dosimetry management system.

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Radiation type

  • X and Gamma

Detector type

  • 2 energy-compensated silicon diodes

Dose measurement range

  • From 1 µSv to 9999.99 mSv

Dose rate measurement range

  • From 0.5 µSv/h to 5 Sv/h

Energy range

  • From 50 keV to 7 MeV


  • Sound and visual


  • 5 scrolling alphanumeric character LCD screen

Battery lifetime

  • 8000h of operation with 2 batteries


  • Recording of dose and dose rate history

Operating temperature

  • From – 20 to + 50 °C


  • IP 65

Compliant with use in nuclear facilities

  • Saphydose Gamma i complies with the IEC 61526 standard for measurement of personal dose equivalents. There are more than 40,000 devices in operation worldwide


  • Saphydose Gamma i has a high immunity against electromagnetic interference, as well as a robust shockproof aluminum box

Low maintenance costs

  • Saphydose Gamma i has a very long battery autonomy: more than 4 years with 2 AA batteries


  • Saphydose Gamma i can be used alone, or integrated into an operational wireless dosimetry system

Saphydose Gamma i measures X and gamma rays with a reliable dual silicon diode, having a measurement range of dose equivalent from 1 µSv to 9999.9 mSv. This technology allows an improved stability in comparison with standard GM dosimeters.

It has a very visible 5 scrolling alphanumeric character LED Display. It has a robust aluminum housing, tested at 10 shocks per side onto steel and 10 cm height of drop, so it can be used in rough conditions.

It also has a very high immunity against electronic interference, with a 30A/m at 50Hz magnetic fields immunity. It works with one or two AA batteries, for more flexibility and autonomy. It is pocket -size and very light (145 g).


  • Multifunctional reader for Saphydose Gamma i operational dosimeter / teledosimeter


  • Dosimetry management software

Reasons to choose Saphydose gamma i

40,000 devices in operation worldwide

Up to 8,000 hours of autonomy

High shock resistance


High immunity against electromagnetic interference


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