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Biotoxis qPCR Detection Kit

All-in-one qPCR kit for simultaneous detection of B. anthracis, Y. pestis and F. tularensis.

Biotoxis is a qPCR all-in-one detection kit that detects B. anthracis, Y. pestis and F. tularensis, 3 pathogens that constitute the first potential biological weapons causing lethal infection (anthrax, plague & tularemia).

Highly sensitive, this kit is the only one on the market that detects in one reaction all 3 agents, ensuring a rapid response in a context of a global bioterrorism. The Biotoxis kit provides a simple, reliable and rapid method for detection in air, water, and any biological samples. It is dedicated to CBRN teams, first responders, and R&D labs that work on these 3 agents for a quick intervention in the event of a suspected biological attack. In multiplex, detection limits are 17 copies of target template for B. anthracis, 20 copies for Y. pestis and 49 copies for F. tularensis. All liquid components can be stored at +4°C for 6 months.

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Biotoxis qPCR Detection Kit

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Reasons to choose Biotoxis qPCR Detection Kit

Sensitive multiplex detection of 3 agents

Easy to use: master mix, primers and probes included

Compatible with any type of sample (air, water & biological samples)

Stable at +4°C


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