Bertin Instruments offers efficient and flexible Precellys tissue homogenizers for grinding any samples prior to analysis.

Being a worldwide reference in tissue homogenization, Precellys has already proven its efficiency to 30,000+ scientists who use our solution on all types of samples.

Discover below the last three comments about Precellys.


Application Area: Disease testing (Tick-borne Zoonosis)

“Simple and fast device for the homogenization of arthropod samples.

We use Precellys Evolution to homogenize disease vectoring arthropods(ticks) prior to extraction of zoonosis virus.

The homogenization protocol of this device is very simple. It takes only 2 minutes to homogenize 24 samples.
We can use various kinds of tube size and bead materials.  This device can homogenize any kind of solid sample you want.”

DVM. Seunghyo Lim
Wildlife Medical Center, Korea National Park Service


Application Area: Tumor Dynamics and Regulation

“We frequently need to prepare tissue samples (RNA, protein) from a large number of mice simultaneously.
In that case, quality control of each sample (same condition) is pretty essential to obtain stable data.
From this point of view, Precellys is a very useful equipment because of its ease of use and its ability to efficiently manage 24 samples at the same time during a very short period of time.
We can expect that there is no drastic change of sample temperature and causing less damage to samples.”

Ryu Imamura
Cancer Research Institute, Kanazawa University


Application Area: Cancer vaccine research

“Easy and reliable kit for emulsion preparation.

I have used the Precellys Emulsion Kit to mix an incomplete Freund’s adjuvant with peptide solution for the preparation of a prototype cancer vaccine. This kit requires only 2 minutes shaking with the Minilys to make emulsion. Very easy operation to fill the syringe without sample loss. No phase separation in the emulsion. In our case, the in vivo results of the cancer vaccine prepared with this kit are better and more reproducible than those prepared with two syringes method or vortex. Good product.”

Dr.Koichi Kitagawa
Division of Translational Research, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine


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