CamSight HD® integrated into gyrostabilized turret TEMIS XL-14 - Bertin Technologies

CamSight HD® integrated into gyrostabilized turret TEMIS XL-14

Sources: Merio


MERIO designs and manufactures high-quality payloads for airborne vehicles like drones, helicopters, aerostats or light aircrafts. Supporting ground personnel, these observation solutions can also be integrated into land and naval platforms for a wide variety of civilian and military applications: intelligence, surveillance and recognition, border control, protection of major events, fight against piracy, critical infrastructure
monitoring, etc.
Used in critical applications, MERIO’s gyrostabilized turrets must therefore be reliable and efficient in all circumstances. To achieve the highest level of performance on TEMIS XL-14, the most compact of its 4-sensor gyrostabilized turrets, MERIO naturally turned to Bertin Photonics to supply the CamSight® HD high resolution thermal camera.


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