DRI performance comparison between Camsight LP/LP+ - Bertin Technologies

DRI performance comparison between Camsight LP/LP+


In 2019, Bertin Technologies launched its new CamSight LP (Low Power) thermal camera module to complement CamSight, its range of thermal and low light level sensors, designed for integrators and manufacturers of observation and surveillance systems. Since then, Bertin Technologies has continued to innovate to offer cutting-edge optronic solutions that meet the needs of its customers and end-users, as demonstrated by CamSight LP(+) (Low Power & High sensitivity), CamSight HD (High Definition), CamSight LS (Low SWaP), and CamSight AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Two series of tests were carried out by Bertin Technologies at the end of 2023 to evaluate the Detection, Reconnaissance and Identification (DRI) performance of CamSight LP and CamSight LP+, under standard and highly degraded operating conditions.


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