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InCellis Apps are embedded cell culture applications dedicated to helping you make quick and reliable cell analysis from the bench.

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The determination of cell number or confluency levels are important quality control parameters in cell-based assays, to normalize data and reduce incorrect interpretation due to assay interferences.
We designed InCellis Apps to help you in your daily work on cell culture so that you can calculate in a minute the number of cells, the confluency or the ratio of transfected cells.

Transfection Apps

Transfection is a powerful analytical tool to study gene function and gene products in cells. But to conclude on gene expression level between two different experiences, you need to normalize with transfection efficiency. It is difficult to reach a conclusion regarding gene expression level with in vitro cell cultures without knowing the transfection efficiency. We designed simple, robust & reliable on-board Apps for InCellis users to analyze cell transfection efficiency and cell transfection surface on the bench. To calculate the ratio of the transfected cells, the Transfection Apps detect all cells on the white light image, then detect all cells on the fluorescent image and compare the number of fluorescent cells with the total number of cells.

For nuclear fluorescent staining Transfection Efficiency App is the most appropriated tool to calculate the number of transfected cells.

For whole cell fluorescent staining Transfection Surface App is a fully automated tool to determine the transfection ratio of cells.

Both Transfection Apps offer the following benefits:
1. Simple: take an image of your cell in white light and one with a fluorescent channel to run the application
2. Versatile: compatible with differents cell culture vessels (T-Flasks, Multiwell plates, Petri dishes)
3. Comprehensive: the threshold can be adjusted to get the best cell detection in white light and fluorescence


Transfection Efficiency Apps - InCellis Imager - Screen

Total cell counting App - Screenshot

Total cell counting App

The Total Cell Counting App calculates the number of cells on the total surface of most cell culture vessels. Based on the use of several fields of view, this new Incellis App calculates the mean number of cells extrapolated from each image and their standard deviation. Reliability and accuracy of the cell counting has been validated with a referent method (hemacytometer).

1. Simple: staining free & no trypsinisation required for adherent cells
2. Versatile: compatible with different cell culture vessels (T-Flasks, Multiwell plates, Petri dishes)
3. Comprehensive: based on several fields of view of the cell culture.

Watch the tutorial video ►


Measurement App

Measuring is a powerful tool for image analysis, to follow the impact of a drug on the average size of cells, axon migration, embryo development, comparing healthy versus pathological tissue structures or verifying that an object meets the defined quality control standard size. This InCellis’ App easily measures the distance between two points set up individually depending of the specific needs. The Measurement App is compatible with brightfield and fluorescence samples. Reliability and accuracy of the measuring has been validated with a referent method (hemacytometer).

1. Simple: easy to use directly on the cell imaging system
2. Versatile: compatible with different cell culture vessels (T-Flasks, Multiwell plates, Petri dishes)
3. Reliable: validated with a referent method



Confluency InCellis app


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