As a firmly European French company, Bertin Technologies is proud to contribute to the supply of equipment for the detection and identification of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threats.

In February 2023, France was awarded a budget of 150 million euros by the European Commission to amass and maintain stocks of health products (medicine, antidote, etc.), as well as medical and non-medical equipment, including protection solutions and CBRN threat detection instruments.

Fully financed by the EU, these stocks are destined to be deployed in the field in response to a CBRN crisis encountered by a member state. Some of the equipment will therefore be packed into operational trunks to facilitate their mobilization and emergency deployment, as requested by the European Commission.

In France, Paul Boyé Technologies has been appointed by an interministerial consortium to provide a joint response, combining the proposals of various French manufacturers, including Bertin Technologies.

This highly strategic European initiative aims at strengthening the sovereignty and responsiveness of member states for better civil protection in the event of a CBRN crisis.