Precellys lysing kits are dedicated to sample preparation using Precellys homogenizers. Made of high-quality materials, these kits offer significant versatility for tissue homogenization, facilitated by a range of tube sizes available (0.3, 0.5, 2, 7, and 15 mL).  Overall, Bertin Health & Life Sciences offers more than 30 different lysing matrices. The variety of Precellys lysing kits provides suitable solutions for the homogenization tissues from animals, plants, humans as well as microorganisms.

With the 96-well plate, Precellys homogenizers become even more versatile. This solution ensures uniform and fail-proof results and is compatible with the Precellys Evolution homogenizer. Increase your throughput and get the best results with the exclusive 96-well plate that allows simultaneous homogenization of up to 96 samples of the smallest size.

Learn more about this accessory in the flyer and watch it in action here below!