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Bertin Technologies designs and manufactures measurement, observation & detection systems and instruments for critical applications.

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Bertin Instruments

Bertin Instruments designs and manufactures state-of-the-art measurement, sampling systems & instruments for Lab Equipment, Nuclear Instrumentation & CBRN threat detection markets.

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Bertin Photonics

Bertin Photonics designs and manufactures components and systems for Space and Big Sciences & detection, observation and calibration products and systems for Defence and Industry applications.

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Bertin Medical Waste

Bertin Medical Waste has designed and markets Sterilwave, a full range of equipment for the on-site treatment of biomedical waste.

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[Application note] Detection of Aspergillus Fumigatus from Coriolis air samples by QPCR

06 Dec 2022

Fungal infections represent a constant threat in hospitals Traditional monitoring involves impacted culture media that are incubated for...

[Application note] Study the concentration of the 20-hydroxyecdysone in the arthropod endocrine system

05 Dec 2022

Endocrine disruptors (EDCs) in the environment come from several origins When they accumulate in organisms, they can lead to endocrine...

Bertin offers to Armenia a complete automatic system for radiation monitoring and dispersion modelling

28 Nov 2022

Armenia’s only nuclear power plant is located not far from it’s capital, Yerevan In order to ensure the safety of the population in...


SAPHYRAD - NEW multiprobe military survey meter by Bertin Instruments

Bertin has developed the new multiprobe military survey meter under a contract awarded by the French Defense Procurement Agency. This latest generation portable monitor is designed to detect and measure radioactivity in harsh environment.

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Every day, Bertin Technologies pursues technological advances in the fields of Nuclear, Defence, Space, Big Science, Life Sciences and Health. Its employees share a desire for excellence, in the service of remarkable and innovative technological solutions. Based in Paris Region and Southern France, Bertin Technologies Group comprises 3 divisions – Bertin Instruments, Bertin Photonics & Bertin Medical Waste – and has operational subsidiaries in Europe (Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Sweden) and the United States.

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