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Sampling and measuring viable microbes in air using Coriolis Micro and Rapica™


The early detection of microbial contamination plays a vital role in various industries such as drug manufacturing, food and beverage production, and chemical processing. In these industries, where strict regulations and high standards are in place, the presence of microbes in the air can pose a significant threat. Airborne microbes have the potential to contaminate surfaces, raw materials, and finished products, leading to product spoilage, compromised quality, and even health hazards for consumers. Therefore, having an instrument capable of sampling microbes in the air becomes extremely valuable and important. By regularly sampling and analyzing the air, companies can detect the presence of harmful microorganisms early on, allowing them to take immediate corrective actions. This leads to prevent further spread of microbial contamination and hence maintain product safety and quality and increase overall operational efficiency.

In this study, air samples were collected using Coriolis micro and microbial levels were measured using three different methods: the high-sensitive adenosine triphosphate (ATP) assay by Rapica™ instrument, and two agar cultivation methods: Soybean Casein Digest medium (SCD) and Reasoner’s 2A medium (R2A).


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