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[WHITE PAPER] Coriolis air sampler: application in food industry


Air quality is a very important matter in the food industry. The presence of contaminants in the production zone is a critical issue as they could impact the health of the final customer or affect the production yield or the quality of the product (taste, texture).

Depending on the process and the regulation established, the presence of microorganisms (allergen or microbial contamination) in the production zones can be forbidden or tolerated under a certain level. In the case of fermentation process, the environment in the production zone is already rich in microorganisms. Among all of them, some troublemakers could be hard to collect (due to their low levels) and monitoring might be crucial in order to deploy adapted measures to control or eliminate them at the right time.

Conventional air sampling methods such as impaction (widely used in the food industry) do not provide a constant approach to follow-up contaminants as some microorganisms or particles are unable to grow on agar plates and molecular biology and/or immune assays test are necessary for their detection and quantification.

In this White Paper, you will learn how the high flow rate helped to collect and determine the concentration on gluten, discover the advantages of diluting liquid samples to obtain optimal concentrations for culture experiences & explore the capacity of Bertin air samplers Coriolis® µ and Coriolis® Compact to collect small microorganism such as bacteriophages. The samples collected by Coriolis® range of air samplers are compatible with all downstream analysis such as culture, ELISA and PCR.


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