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Biological threat detection

For the fight against CBRN terrorism, Bertin Instruments offers high performance solutions for air sampling and analysis in order to detect biological threats and airborne pathogens.

The threat of biological aggression, be it from terrorist actions or the natural emergence of new infectious risks, makes it necessary to use specific tools for infectious agents’ sampling and search. Controlling the air’s microbiological quality is decisive for the implementation of operational responses and medical countermeasures, as the main risk of contamination comes from the inhalation of aerosols.

To face this threat, Bertin has developed a range of air samplers that collect biological particles in the air and concentrate them in a liquid. This sample is compatible with any type of analysis technique, in order to meet the challenges of both military and civil HAZMAT teams. Bertin also offers a Biotoxis detection kit that simultaneously detects the 3 main agents of the biological threat: Bacillus anthracis, Yersina pestis and Francisella tularensis, to ensure a faster response in case of biological risk.


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