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Bertin Photonics

Bertin Photonics designs and develops high performance optical & optronic components and systems.

Bertin Photonics, a brand of Bertin Technologies, brings together the Group’s activities in the field of Photonics through a complete offer designed for key worldwide markets:

Components and systems for Space and Big Sciences (Astronomy, Fusion, Synchrotrons);
Detection, observation and calibration products and systems for Defence and Industry applications.

The Bertin Exensor subsidiary is attached to Bertin Photonics


Space and Big Science

The global space industry is changing rapidly: exploration of the universe, Earth observation and deployment of broadband Internet. This growth is leading to the development of constellations (nano and microsatellites) and increasing the need for bandwidth to carry data via laser optical communications (between satellites and between Earth and Space). To meet these new needs, our teams offer qualified on-board solutions and on-demand systems, and make a valuable contribution to major programs on behalf of historical and emerging space players, French (CNES) or international (ESA, NASA) agencies. With twenty years of experience in the market and extensive engineering expertise, Bertin Photonics also offers the development and production of test benches (OGSE) for optical loads.

Privileged partner of the teams in charge of the large scientific fusion facilities, and thanks to its experience on the LMJ (Laser Megajoule) project, Bertin Photonics studies and realizes numerous diagnostics for the ITER project. Bertin Photonics is also present in the astronomy and synchrotron market. We have significant experience in instrumentation dedicated to large telescopes such as custom optical components and complete instruments (image slicers, spectrographs, lenses, optical derotators, collimators, etc.) and we produce X-ray mirrors and X-ray mirror systems (benders, KB, positioners, …) for synchrotrons light lines.

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Surveillance & protection

Faced with the challenges of security for states, citizens and operators of vital importance, Bertin Photonics provides concrete solutions for protection and surveillance in the areas of optronic surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence gathering:

• Electro-optical modules for optronic surveillance for night and day enhanced vision;
• Surveillance and reconnaissance with Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) system developed and marketed by our subsidiary Bertin Exensor.

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