Microorganisms, like bacteria, fungi, archaea, algae, protozoa, and viruses, known as microbes, play a critical role in many different phenomena. They are involved in climate change, nutrient cycling, biodegradation and diseases. In biotechnology, microbes can be used in a wide range of fields, such as the pharmaceutical industry to produce drugs, the environmental sector to help manage pollution and the food industry for food processing. The major goals of microbiology research are to decipher the mechanisms by which microorganisms affect health and diseases, as well as finding new applications to them.

Reproducible microorganisms analysis depends on a robust and unbiased microbiome workflow. Cell lysing is an important step before proceeding to the extraction of DNA, RNA, proteins or live bacteria from samples. Mechanical lysis using beads (bead beating) is considered the gold standard method to lyse various types of cells and microbes. The Precellys tissue homogenizer is capable of performing cell and microbes lysis within minutes thanks to its 3D-bead beating technology.

In this White Paper, we present three application notes related to DNA, protein and live bacteria extraction using the Precellys homogenizers to get higher yields.

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