Last Summer, CamSight LP – Low Power thermal camera module – has been successfully tested by engineering students of the RWTH Aachen University, which is one of Europe’s leading science and research institutions, as part of the Formula Student Challenge.

Formula Student is an international engineering competition, which aims at providing students with a platform to demonstrate their technical, engineering, design and manufacturing skills to produce a prototype of a small-scale formula style racing car.

As part of this contest, a team from the elite WTH Aachen University partnered with Bertin Technologies and tested the CamSight LP low power camera module to identify short circuits and faulty elements on the electronic board. Faulty elements are the results of internal short circuits leading to temperature increases, the latter being easily observed with a thermal module.

CamSight LP is an uncooled thermal module able to spot over heating elements in circuits. Moreover, its patented heat chamber calibration technology allows for the detection of small temperature variations at varying distances without shutter. CamSight LP belongs to the CamSight family of OEM lightweight, compact thermal core cameras to be integrated into any complex optronic system.

Thanks to the RWTH Aachen University for this fruitful partnership and congratulations on your rankings!