On June 30th 2021, the French government published a decree on specific workplaces where devices for Radon continuous measurement are recommended. This publication is completing the practical guide for Radon risk prevention published by the French Directorate-General of Labor Welfare (Direction Générale du Travail DGT).

When it comes to underground activities, some aspects need to be absolutely considered by employers when assessing Radon risk: number of cavities visited by workers, presence of ventilation systems, working time, etc.

Depending on the workplace’ features, using integrated Radon measurement devices is sometimes not adapted. In such cases, electronic equipment is needed to monitor Radon volumetric activity, at the beginning of the operations and for all their duration if necessary. This is particularly true for maintenance operations, for which workers are led to visit little used tunnels.

To alert workers to excessive levels of Radon, operational devices such as the AlphaE can be used. Bertin Instruments’ portative Radon monitor allows to estimate Radon concentration and converts it into effective dose, hence offering a precise evaluation of biological effects on humans.

Offering a large measurement range for temperature and humidity, the AlphaE is particularly adapted to underground activities and harsh environments. Highly sensitive, the device carries out quick and reliable measurements, and allows for recording as well as display of date and time of the observed concentrations.

The device has a 6-month autonomy without power supply, and can be used by non-specialists thanks to an intuitive interface. The AlphaE comes with numerous accessories: pouch belt, wall support, suitcase, DataVIEW software for data analysis and visualization, etc.

Discover the AlphaE, the ideal solution for Radon continuous measurement in specific workplaces