Engineering excellence for our customers - Bertin Technologies

Engineering excellence for our customers

Bertin Technologies is committed to applying industrial innovation to products, softwares, and systems for dedicated markets.

Founded by the engineer Jean Bertin in 1955 and a member of the CNIM group since 2008, Bertin Technologies now exerts an international influence on its key sectors. Since 2014, Bertin has continued on its path of sustained development in the field of instrumentation thanks to external growth. Bertin is still making an active contribution to research, development and innovation: two-thirds of its 660 employees are engineers and high-level managers in a number of specialist fields.

Agility and expertise at the heart of our value:
Bertin’s teams have always performed their work as projects, following an agile method and encouraging the cross-fertilisation of their expertise. Our moderate size and our ability to quickly develop new projects allows us to respond to the specific requirements of our exacting customers in diverse fields and in prestigious contexts.


Development of specific solutions and products backed up by multidisciplinary skills and ambitious R&D.

Manufacturing/Industrial Production

Design and production of multidisciplinary systems and equipment in small and medium-sized batches.

Assembly, Integration, Verification and Test (AIVT)

Design and development of optical and mechanical test benches up to the assembly, integration, verification and test phases (AIVT).

Metrology & Calibration

COFRAC-certified calibration centre for inspecting measuring equipment.


Certified site maintenance teams throughout France.

Applied research partnerships with leading European stakeholders:

Bertin also maintains top-level academic and industrial partnerships through theses, collaborative projects, subcontracting and shared laboratories.

• CEA – LETI – particle collection, chemical and biological analysis.
• CEA – LIST – measurement of ionising radiation.
• ONERA – optical architectures and new-generation multispectral infra-red cameras.

Quality & certifications

Bertin Technologies is committed to using its integrated QSE (Quality, Safety, Environment) management system as an operational tool to combine technological creativity with industrial rigour.

With its Bertin Instruments brand, Bertin Technologies offers a QSE system that is perfectly suited to use for dynamic multidisciplinary engineering activities, thanks to:

• The organisation of work into projects with heavy delegation to the project manager
• A pool of Project Quality Engineers selected from among senior staff
• A QSE system used by all employees as a daily management tool.

Bertin Technologies has been certified to ISO 9001 since 2003 and to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 since 2015, and is regularly audited by certification bodies (Bureau Veritas Certification, CEFRI, COFRAC) and customers from a range of sectors (Abbott, BioRad, Areva, DGA, EDF, Thales Alenia Space, etc.). Our Bertin Bioreagent product range is ISO 13485 certified.
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