From March 14 to 16, 2022, Bertin will be participating in the 9th edition of Maritime Security West, taking place at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, United States. Come and see us at booth 31 to discover our detection and identification solution for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear threats!

For states and law enforcement agencies, maritime security is a top priority as it allows to safeguard trade and travel, prevent illegal transport of goods and people, and enhance the resilience of the maritime transportation system. In order to do so, ports, critical infrastructures, and inland waterways require best-in-class solutions to guarantee the detection and identification of any threat, in order to provide an appropriate response in real-time.

Taking on the challenges related to the protection of maritime areas, Maritime Security West gathers international exhibitors coming to showcase their latest innovations, and exchange on current and future technologies dedicated to homeland security. During 3 days, conferences will be taking place to address numerous topics such as port and border security, coastal surveillance, cyber security, critical infrastructure protection, etc.

For this 9th annual edition of Maritime Security West, Bertin Instruments will be in San Diego to present its range of products dedicated to detection and identification of CBRN threats, as well as the optronic device FusionSight:

CBRN solutions:

  • SecondSight MS: Standoff gas cloud detector for real-time detection, visualization and identification of chemical threats. Acting as an early-warning system, this high-performance camera offers a special gas-X feature for fast tracking and localization of unknown, impure and mixed gases.
  • SaphyRAD MS: Multiprobe military survey meter for radiation contamination detection and exposure monitoring. Its comprehensive range of probes allows for the detection and measurement of Gamma, Alpha, Beta and X-ray radiations.
  • Coriolis Compact: Portable biological air sampler perfectly adapted to indoor and outdoor use on the field. Lightweight and ergonomic, it is based on a dry cyclonic technology for bio-contamination control.

Optronic equipment:

  • FusionSight: night and day vision enhancer, including 2 viewing modes (low light color and infrared) that can be used separately or in smart fusion.

Our sales representatives will be present at booth 31 and ready to talk about our solutions. Don’t hesitate to pay us a visit!

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