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CamSight® LP Thermal Module Integration into NERVA® LG multi-purpose robot


For more than 7 years, Bertin Technologies and KNDS have been working together to develop night/day surveillance solutions incorporating the state-of-the-art technology and robustness expected by users in the field.

The innovative genius of KNDS, Nexter Robotics, is specialized in the design, development, industrialization, marketing and support of terrestrial and air-land robots, for a wide variety of missions in the Defense and Civil Protection sectors. Since 2012, Nexter Robotics has been providing a multi-purpose mini-robot NERVA LG, a flexible system consisting in a light, robust and versatile platform, and its associated control station.

Featuring four cameras and a microphone, this robotic system can be equipped with more than 20 different payloads, depending on the mission’s requirement: observation and detection, localization and mapping, action and intervention (Signal jamming, destruction, tripwire triggering, etc.). Already sold in over 38 countries worldwide, NERVA LG can adapt to the operational uses of police units, special forces, as well as nuclear power plant operators, by combining reliability, versality and ease of use.

To optimize the delivery times of its thermal imaging camera, one of its payloads, Nexter Robotics turned to Bertin Technologies, a French company, to supply the CamSight LP (Low Power) thermal module, manufactured in Aix-en-Provence, France.


  • Night vision module NERVA integrating CamSight LP FOV 18°


In addition to the geographical proximity between the two companies, Nexter Robotics selected CamSight LP for the quality and sharpness of its thermal pictures. As an OEM camera module, CamSight LP offers Nexter Robotics the perfect balance between quality, compactness, low power consumption and image processing.
The modularity of CamSight LP, particularly with regard to its different video stream formats, has enabled Nexter Robotics to easily replace its thermal module without redesigning its entire docking station, the NERVA® LG.



To date, Nexter Robotics has already sold more than 15 NERVA® LG robots equipped with the CamSight LP thermal module, especially in Egypt, Indonesia, the United States, etc., to local special forces and police units. It compact and robust design, indisputable image quality and low power consumption make it the preferred thermal module of integrators like Nexter Robotics, which has found in CamSight LP an ally of choice for both supply and processing of high-performance images. This partnership opens up future opportunities for the CamSight family, particularly with CamSight LS, which is currently being tested by Nexter Robotics to equip its 360-degree PTZ camera with a low SWaP thermal module for multi-purpose tactical robots.


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