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Quantom-LAB is a smart elemental analyzer for the detection and quantification of all elements, down to ppm level.

The new Quantom-LAB easily analyzes solid and liquid samples without preparation. Based on Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), the device gets a very fast and accurate response for all elements in the periodic table, even the lightest (such as Li, Be and B), in a few seconds. This technology uses the atomic emission spectroscopy (AES) of a plasma created by a laser pulse.

It covers applications such as trace detection, matrix identification, element quantification or mapping of samples, down to ppm level. Quantom-LAB includes a smart software with advanced chemometry and database for spectral processing, and an intuitive and user friendly interface with a 17″ screen. Routine application can be created by uploading embedded applications.

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Proprietary air-cooled DPSS Nd:YAG laser @ 1064 nm. Low divergence (<0,6 mrad at laser output) for high fluence on the sample and high field of view


Patented achromatic and collinear focusing head


From 245 to 930 nm spectral range. Spectral resolution depending on configuration


x,y,z motorized stages. Gas flow option for O and N analyses. 396 x 232 x 131 mm.
Stage : x : 100mm, y : 30 mm, z : 60mm


2D scanning configuration, delay time configuration, cleaning shots, spectra overlapping, atomic, ionic and molecular database, classification (Partial Component Analysis), quantification (Partial Least Square), line intensity evolution shot by shot, embedded process applications in option

Laser Class

I (eye safe) according NF-EN 60825

Dimension LIBS bench (without screen)

640x480x535 mm

Operational Temperature

15 -25 °C


40 kg


100-240 V, 16 A, 50/60 Hz

Quantom-LAB instrument allows to analyze all elements detectable within a few seconds, without sample preparation. Its advanced chemometry software and database allows for identification, classification and quantification.

Quantom-LAB includes motorized stages for mapping or averaging on several spots.
Its achromatic and collinear focusing head is patented.

The integration of a DPSS laser with low beam divergence allows for high fluence and high field of view, with a low maintenance. The Quantom-LAD is Air cooled and includes a smart and intuitive interface for users’ ease of use.
Embedded applications can be installed in option.

LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) has numerous advantages over other elementary analysis techniques:

– Spectral acquisition in a few seconds
– No sample preparation for most applications
– Useful for all solid sample (liquid on demand)
– All elements in the periodic table can be analyzed. Very sensitive for Alkali-Metal, Alkaline Earth and Transition Metal
– Stand-off analysis. No direct contact with the sample

This technology is ideal for pollutant detection, matrix classification, concentration measurement and elemental mapping.
The Quantom-LAB includes a chemometric software and a database.

Reasons to choose Quantom-LAB

Detection of all elements, even the lightest

High brilliance DPSS laser

Database and chemometry software

Stand-off analysis

Embedded applications for targeted analyses


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