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Data Transmission

Our radiation monitoring systems are available with reliable and secured public or proprietary data transmission solutions.

Real time data transmission to a central server is the main purpose of any environemental radiation monitoring system.

We offer with our probes and stations a wide range of transmission modules adapted to any need and situation: cost-saving solutions with LAN-Ethernet/DSL , easy wireless solutions based on WiFi/Bluetooth or public networks like GSM (3G/4G), long distance and secured solutions for isolated areas with ShortLINK/SkyLINK proprietary radio or satellite transmission.

Our data transmission solutions are available with different transmission ranges and safety levels. They can be combined for ensuring ongoing service and redundancy for routine operations or emergency monitoring.

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Data Transmission

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  • LAN-Ethernet or DSL module: cost-saving wire technology, very reliable, easy to setup
  • WiFi/Bluetooth module: cost-saving wireless technology, perfect for tight systems, easy to setup
  • GSM (3G/4G) module: long-distance wireless technology, worldwide standard, perfect for routine operations
  • ShortLINK/SkyLINK radio module: proprietary and low power wireless technology, unidirectional and confidential data transfer, well-suited for isolated areas and emergency monitoring, data transmission up to 100km according to geographical situation, no fee for data transmission
  • Satellite module: wireless technology, worldwide data transmission, well-suited for isolated areas and emergency monitoring, no transmission distance limitation, strong data transmission volume
  • Different antennas for ShortLINK or SkyLINK to optimize the data transmission distance
  • Seismic qualified version
  • Different types of modems available according to the satellite communication network (iridium, Globalstar…)
  • Available with DataEXPERT & DataVIEW softwares

Reasons to choose Data Transmission

Long experience in the field of data transmission

Redandant solutions

User owned networks available


Data-secured solutions independent from public networks availble


Bertin Instruments offers a broad range of sensors and turnkey network solutions for all tasks related to the monitoring of radiation in the environment including gamma dose rate measurement, spectroscopic analysis and air monitoring.

Bertin Instruments’ probes and stations are dedicated to various applications: monitoring around nuclear facilities, area surveillance, nationwide early warning systems, mobile & quick deployment solutions for emergency scenarios.


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