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IF104 & probes

IF 104 is a handheld device designed to perform X and gamma high dose rate measurement in combination with external probes.

The IF104 unit, combined with external radiation measurement probes, process and display the gamma and X dose rate according to the desired measuring range.

3 types of external probes are available:
– SHF for high dose rate: measurement from 1 mGy/h to 300 Gy/h
– SHI for high dose rate: measurement from 10 µGy/h to 50 Gy/h
– SEC for wide range: measurement from 1 µGy/h to 10 Gy/h

The IF104 operates on main power supply or battery with a 40 hours autonomy. The analog and digital data are both displayed on a bar graph. The device can also be mounted on a wall for stationary measurements. The IF104 can be used with an optional supervision software operation under Windows.

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  • 2×16 characters backlit LCD


  • c/s; rad/h or Gy/h


  • Metallic, sturdy and spray-watertight


  • 255 x 140 x 120

Environmental characteristics

  • Operation from 0°C to 50°C

Electrical characteristics

  • 230VAC/50Hz power supply or 3A/h accumulator


  • RS232 and analog outputs, alarm and default contacts


  • External γ probes (SHI, SHF and SEC types), support strap


  • wall mounting


SEC Probe

  • Detectors: two GM energy compensated
  • Measurement range: from 1 µGy/h to 10 Gy/h
  • Cable length: 25m
  • Waterproof: up to 40 m depth

SHF, SHI Probes

  • Detector: Silicon diode energy compensated
  • Measurement range
  • SHF probe: from 1 mGy/h to 300 Gy/h
  • SHI probe: from 10 mGy/h to 50 Gy/h
  • Cable length: 25m
  • Waterproof: Up to 40 m depth

Ruggedized for harsh environments

The IF104 is designed with a strong, robust and waterproof metallic housing. The SHF, SHI and SEC external probes are available with up to 100-meter cables and waterproof to 20 meters. Both can be used in a wide variety of situations.


With its 3 external probes (SHF, SHI and SEC), the IF104 offers a great measuring range for high dose rates (from 1 μGy/h to 300 Gy/h). The IF104 is portable and can be used for long operations (up to 40 hours). It can also operate on a power supply for stationary wall mounted measurements.

OEM approved

The IF104 can be embedded in dismantling systems (robots, processes, etc.)

The SHF and SHI probes are designed to measure high gamma and X dose rate by means of a silicon diode detector housed in a stainless steel casing for easy decontamination. The probes are connected to the IF104 monitor through a 25-meter cable (other lengths available up to 100 m) ended with the appropriate interface electronic box.

Most of the electronic circuits including calibration parameters are housed in the interface box in order to maximize the probe lifetime with regard to the integrated dose.

The SEC probe integrates two energy-compensated GM tubes switching automatically back-and-forth, so that a very wide range of dose rate and energy is covered. Contrary to the SHF / SHI probes, the SEC probe includes all the electronics as it would at a lower level of dose rate.

• SHF high dose rate probe: measurements from 1 mGy/h to 300 Gy/h
• SHI high dose rate probe: measurements from 10 μGy/h to 50 Gy/h
• SEC wide range probe: measurements from 1 μGy/h to 10 Gy/h

• Carry belt
• Wall mounting support

• External alarm unit
• Supervision software

Reasons to choose IF104 & probes

Wide dose rate range (from 1 μGy/h to 300 Gy/h)

High total integrated dose life time

Interchangeable probes / Automatic probe recognition

Automatic switch between the measuring ranges

20-meter waterproof probes


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