Independent assessment of the dose rate is essential to prevent or mitigate incidents in nuclear facilities and protect the population and the environment. For such measurements, a sustainable and fast-response measurement system with the possibility of remote control is required. In case of use, it must be possible to transport the measuring instruments around the world and use them for months under the most adverse conditions without an external power supply. The IT infrastructure should be accessible from the Internet, regardless of location, in order to transmit the measurement data. The supervision software should be cloud-based so that the customer does not have to carry out their maintenance or updates and can access it from anywhere.

Bertin Instruments offers the GammaTRACER radiation monitor designed specifically for such needs.

In this application note, discover how Bertin’s GammaTRACER XL2-2 probes combined with the cloud-based DataEXPERT 10 were efficiently and independently used for a fast dose rate measurement.


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