Study of seismic zones in Turkey and in Syria using the AlphaGUARD - Bertin Technologies

Study of seismic zones in Turkey and in Syria using the AlphaGUARD

Osman GÜNAY, PhD – Yildiz Technical University


Earthquakes are natural events that are very difficult to predict and inevitably occur when certain geological conditions are met.
Some researchers have suggested that soil gas emissions in seismic areas study can be used to understand the relationship between gas formation, release, and migration during earthquakes and maybe predict them. Among these gas, researchers studied CO2 and Radon.
Radon is a natural gas produced by the radioactive decay of the element radium formed by uranium. Radioactive decay is a natural process in which an atom of an element decays or breaks down to form another element, releasing atomic particles. Radon gas itself is radioactive, odorless and colorless, impossible to detect without specialized equipment.
That’s why Bertin Instruments has designed the AlphaGUARD, an effective portable detector for detecting and measuring Radon.
This instrument, recognized as the market reference for monitoring Radon in soil, was used in this study which also shows how suitable it is for a wide range of applications.


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