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Research and specific applications

Radon monitoring for Radon calibration labs, research and expertise, specific applications (seismic survey, and so on)

Calibration service laboratories for testing measurement devices for Radon and Radon progenies form a crucial element for assuring the quality of measurements in the field of radiation protection. Part of Bertin Instruments’ nuclear instrumentation offer, Radon monitoring equipment and accessories have been developed with Radon experts for specific applications: online Radon-in-water monitoring, multi-spot measurement, soil gas probe for seismic prediction, Radon and Radon progeny ambient monitoring station for outside use, and so on.

AlphaGUARD is the ideal reference monitor providing precision, accuracy, and reliable measurement for Radon calibration laboratories. Its complete range of accessories such as AquaKIT, Soil gas probe, AlphaPM, emanation container, and valve selector, allows any kind of Radon measurements (Radon progenies, Radon in air, water, soil, and the like) for any research program in laboratories as well as in the field.


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