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[PRECELLYS] Drug extraction from brain, muscle rat tissues

Sources: PharmOptima, Portage MI, USA


PharmOptima focuses on in vivo and in vitro DM&PK and Discovery Services, providing IND & NDAenabling research protocols. High quality DM&PK and Ocular PK research are a part of the laboratory’s daily activities. PharmOptima lab currently uses Precellys to homogenize a variety of animal tissues. In this study, Minilys has been compared with Precellys to homogenize brain and rat muscle.


  • Minilysvs Precellys Dual homogenizer
  • Precellys kit: 03961-1-009 (mix ceramic beads).
  • Sample: Thawed brain (~450mg) and muscle (~200mg).
  • Buffer: 2 volumes of sodium chloride solution.


    Brain tissue (triplicate):

  • Minilys/Precellys: 5000 rpm, 2x45sec (15sec break).
  • Muscle tissue (triplicate):
  • Minilys: 5000 rpm, 3x40sec (15sec break).
  • Precellys: 5500 rpm, 3x30sec (15sec break).
  • Analysis: liquid-liquid extraction; LC-MS/MS system.


The analyte levels by samples are equivalent. No difference involving the both homogenizers is detectable (See Figure 1).


Figure 1: LC-MS/MS analysis from Precellys and Minilys sample.

Figure 1: LC-MS/MS analysis from Precellys andMinilys sample.


Muscle tissues in CKmix kit 2mL vial

Muscle tissues in CKmix kit 2mL vial


Minilys processing

Minilys processing


Precellys and Minilys are suitable and reliable systems to extract Drug from soft tissues for DM&PK testing with a fast process, cross-contamination free, high reproducibility and comparable drug levels extracted. Minilys homogenizer is a real alternative for standardization of the sample preparationfor laboratories with a low or medium throughput of sample.


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