Quantification of viable bacteria from infected mouse tissue - Bertin Technologies

Quantification of viable bacteria from infected mouse tissue

Teck-Hui TEO, PhD Infectious Disease Labs, A*STAR


Clinical isolates of hypervirulent bacteria are often highly capsulated. This limits the tagging of these bacteria with fluorescent or luminescence markers, hence eliminating the use of in vivo live imaging to rapidly capture bacterial load in the organs of small animal models. Instead, conventional protocols requiring large sample numbers from each time-point and laborious homogenization of tissues are often used to quantify these bacteria that disseminate into the tissues. Here, we present the method of using Precellys Evolution homogenizer to speed up tissue homogenization in an efficient, safe, and consistent way to simplify bacterial quantification in tissues. This method allows high throughput processing of organs to understand bacterial dissemination into the organs for tropism and pathogenesis studies.


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