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[White Paper] Explore underwater world Metabolomics


Metabolomics focuses on the comprehensive analysis of small molecules, known as metabolites, within a biological system. By quantifying and identifying metabolites in a given sample, it provides a snapshot of the metabolic state and dynamic changes. It is a powerful tool for studying metabolism, identifying biomarkers, and advancing the understanding of various biological processes and their role in health, disease, and environmental interactions. Metabolomics has various applications: disease biomarker discovery, drug development, environmental toxicology, microbiome research… It also holds promise in various fields, including agriculture, environmental science, and systems biology. In that frame, metabolomic appears of great interest in the discovery and understanding of the oceanic biotope which is one of the less known of our planet.

Homogenization in metabolomics is essential for breaking down heterogeneous samples, ensuring sample uniformity, releasing metabolites for analysis, and maintaining sample integrity. It is a critical step that contributes to the accuracy and reproducibility of metabolomics experiments.

In this White Paper, discover 3 optimized protocols for metabolite analysis in clam gill, red algae and fish liver. Find out how the Precellys 24 / Precellys 24 Touch homogenizer can be used as a high throughput method to avoid degradation of metabolites, cross-contamination and provide high-quality compounds for further downstream analysis.


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