In October 2016, Bertin Systems and Instrumentation is conducting a new campaign of laboratory calibration for the Second Sight MS gas database. This database has been enriched with new gas types such as chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial compounds. In the event of gas threat detection, it allows the Second Sight MS to provide an automatic identification of the gas type by comparison with the database. By increasing the number of gas types in the gas database, this allows the operator to get a better response to the emergency situation they are coping with.


This campaign consists in gas releases in a chemical chamber of different gas types, each at various concentrations. This high-level experimentation requires both Bertin Systems & Instrumentation’s know-how in instrumentation and the advanced chemical handling skills of VVU Institute. The experiment allows users to measure the infrared signal for a given gas type as well as the sensitivity for each gas type.


The Second Sight MS gas database now includes 50 gases including most of the chemical warfare agents and harmful toxic industrial compounds. The calibration certificate underlying the detection limits has been approved by VVU Institute. This complementary calibration campaign, in addition to the gas X detection – ability to detect automatically an unknown gas or gas mixture – makes Second Sight a performance leader in standoff chemical detection.

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