In 2002, Bertin Technologies’ sustainable partnership with LYNRED was established through the integration of the ULIS microbolometer sensors into the Second Sight MS, a chemical gas cloud detector. Since then, LYNRED supplies Bertin technologies with high-quality, intelligent sensors manufactured in France.

First, LYNRED is a global leader in the design and production of high-quality infrared technologies for aerospace, defense, and commercial markets. In recognition of the fact that Bertin Technologies is a manufacturer of instrumentation, LYNRED has been supporting Bertin Technologies for over 20 years. Since ULIS was created in 2002, we have been among the first to use ULIS microbolometer sensors for Second Sight MS, our chemical gas cloud detector.

In result to this first encounter, Bertin decided to make LYNRED their primary supplier of infrared detectors and these sensors were later integrated to our CamSight modules low SWAP thermal camera modules destined to equip complex optronic systems. Our CamSight modules are specially designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers and have already been integrated into the Jaguar Armored Reconnaissance and Combat Vehicle, Unattended ground sensors, Unmanned Ground or Aerial vehicles, anti-drone systems on vehicles or vessels.


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