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Drug Screening & cell toxicity

Obtaining cell culture images when studying the cell toxicity of compounds is essential for cell biologists. InCellis, Smart Cell Imaging System, offers the functionalities for fast and accurate results.

Cell lines are a key component of in vitro drug screenings. The quality of the cell line, in terms of proliferation, viability and vitality is essential. InCellis cell imager is able to control the proliferation of your cell lines and report an accurate value of cell culture confluency at different times in the culture.

You can save all images in brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence. If you need to check the expression of a cell marker by fluorescence, you can determine the percentage of positive cells in the total population. InCellis will offer you high sensitivity to detect fluorescent signals, true colour images in brightfield or phase contrast (allowing you to follow cell morphology) and dedicated applications for cell culture.


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