Sample preparation is an essential step to secure the success of biological studies. Tissue homogenizers have proven to be more efficient than standard methods, and Bertin Instruments’ Precellys, according to its users, is said to be one of the best ever conceived.

           François d’Hubert

11 years after Bertin Technologies designed its first sample homogenizer during the BSE crisis, the Precellys Evolution came out. For François d’Hubert, Precellys product manager, the homogenizer evolved in order to become “more efficient and easier to use”. Designed to carry up to 24 tubes simultaneously, it can process five different sizes – from 0.3 to 15mL. “Some samples can be difficult to work with, but our offer lies on the grinding efficiency, on the consumables and on the instruments dedicated to each type of problematic”, he says.

Thanks to its features (three-dimensional movement, vacuum blocking tube system, interchangeable racks), the Precellys Evolution can homogenize any biological sample: bone, hair, mammalian tissue… you just have to find the right lysing kit! After 90 seconds of 3D bead beating, your samples are ready for analysis. The Precellys range is designed for BSL 3 laboratories, proof of its robustness.

Beside its own features, the tissue homogenizer can be completed with the Cryolys Evolution. The tool cools the samples before, during and after the homogenization to prevent the molecules from decaying. “Simplicity is the key word best describing the Cryolys Evolution” adds the product manager, “the system evolved and now it works with ambient air and dry ice. Moreover, it is autonomous and works in automatic operations.”

User feedback are essential to the Precellys team: “We are constantly striving to enhance the product range; we seek to be innovative on our customer approach”.  More than 1000 application notes are available on the application center, and many specialists work every day with the customers to produce applications, protocols and documents related to the product range. Their priority is to continue innovating and offering new solutions.

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