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Pain & Inflammation

Inflammation and pain are ubiquitious answers of an organism to an injury. Acute as well as chronic inflammation are challenges for pharmaceutical labs.

Bertin Bioreagent has a long history of biomarker assay development in the field of pain and inflammation, with the set up of the first PGE2 ELISA in the mid 80’s. It has been used by most of the drug development companies for Non Steroid Anti Inflamatory Drugs (NSAID).

The last generation of headhache treatment are targetting CGRP receptor and again, Bertin Bioregeant is offering a complete range of ELISA kits to assess CGRP expression and its correlation with pain. New drugs are needed, especially for chronic pain management, as well as biomarkers for patient stratification. Bertin Bioreagent’s scientific team is always interested by new partnerships to develop and validate new assays in that field.


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