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Pre-analytical tools

While it is mandatory in clinical application, many kits in research do not evaluate in depth the pre-analytical phase (mainly because it’s highly variable). Bertin Bioreagent has a different approach.

In the diagnostic field, it has been known for decades that the pre-analytic phase is part of the process and should be monitored. In Research, especially for new biomarkers, this has been often under-estimated, which can lead to biased results. Bertin Bioreagent strives to offer a complete solution to users of assay kits by developping pre-analytical tools that will protect biomarkers before analysis.

Those tools contain anti-oxidant or specific anti-protease or inhibitors, i.e. appropriate biochemicals to secure your sample until further assay. Ghrelin is a typical example as to precisely monitor acylated and unacylated forms, acylation should be protected after sampling. To adress this issue, Bertin Bioreagent offers sampling vials with PHMB to avoid degradation of acylated ghrelin.

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Pre-analytical tools

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Reasons to choose Pre-analytical tools

A comprehensive offer of pre-analytical tools matching Bertin Bioreagent's assay kits

Developed by Bertin scientific team, which benefits from 30 years of expertise in biomarker assay development

Collection vials are provided ready to use to optimize sample preparation time


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